Lastek is proud to introduce the Omni-λBright Series of Tunable Light Sources from Zolix.

These light sources will be shipped as pre-aligned, pre-assembled illumination systems. The system consists of one imaging monochromator, one high power Xenon light source and other necessary accessories for specific applications.

Omni-λBright Series Tunable Light Sources offer spectral range 260nm-1000nm, with adjustable bandwidth between 1nm – 22nm.

Compared to the typical performance of a traditional lamp housing design with a spherical reflector and condenser lens, the optical collection efficiency of Omni-λBright light source with ellipsoidal reflector design is about two times higher than the traditional housing. To get the same optical throughput as Omni-λBright light source with a 75 watt lamp, a traditional housing would require a 500 watt lamp!

Download datasheet here.


  • High intensity light output
  • Spectral range 260nm-1000nm
  • Flexible bandwidth adjustment
  • Total reflection light path design, no chromatic aberration
  • Highest collection efficiency

Typical Applications:

  • The fluorescence Spectrum Test (for excitation)
  • Bioluminescence Test
  • Probe Station Application
  • CCD/CMOS cameras, UV/IR sensors and Photoelectric devices
  • Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
  • Detector Spectral Responsibility Measurement System
  • Optical Lens Spectral Transmittance Measurement System
  • Transmission/Absorption /Reflection Measurement System


Omni-λBright 300

Omni-λBright 600

Omni-λBright 900


Tunable Light Source with Fiber Output

Tunable Light Source with Uniform Light Output

Tunable Light Source with Rotating Output Flange

Optical Power

22mW(90°exit port, grating, bandpass & wavelength dependent)

Light Source

75W Xenon

Light Source Stability


Beam Uniformity




Beam Diameter




Spectral Range

260-1000 nm


1 nm~22nm Continuously adjustable

Wavelength Resolution

±0.2 nm

Wavelength Reproducibility

±0.1 nm

Optical axis height

160 mm (185mm with base plate)


870 mm*320 mm*335 mm


30 kg


USB 2.0

USB 2.0

USB 2.0

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