LaVision extends its PIV camera portfolio with the Imager LX camera series

The Imager LX camera family from LaVision is an advanced, high resolution, progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera series, ideally for large flow field areas. These cameras deliver up to 14 bit digital images and give unsurpassed resolution from 8 MegaPixel to 29 MegaPixel combined with a short interframe time down to 0.3 µs. All camera models come with a compact design and they are equipped with a modern Gigabit Ethernet interface for easy and fast data storing to the computer.  

LaVision Background Oriented Schlieren: BOS Imaging

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BOS imaging of a thermal flow

Background Oriented Schlieren: BOS Imaging

For the visualization of gas motion based on local refractive index variations LaVision's Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS, also known as Synthetic Schlieren) is a simple and cost-effective alternative to laser imaging methods, because it doesn’t need any complex illumination device like a laser needed for laser imaging, and it works without seeding the flow.

BOS is a line-of-sight imaging technique and measures locally the density gradient as an integrated value over the line-of-sight. In practice, only a random dot pattern in the background of the flow is imaged with a high resolution camera before and during the test. By comparing the two pictures (or more precisely correlating the two patterns similar to the image correlation in PIV) the local displacement of the background pattern can be used to provide lateral information on path-integrated refractive index variations.

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LaVision Tomographic (Tomo) BOS Imaging

Tomo BOS

3D temperature field over a cup of coffee

LaVision’sTomo-BOS imaging systems measure quantitatively density or temperature fields in 3D using multiple camera BOS projections. This 3D imaging technique requires an accurate geometrical calibration of the multi-camera system and an iterative tomographic reconstruction algorithm.

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LaVision FlowMaster Underwater PIV

2358 17 SysteminApplication

The modular concept of LaVision’sFlowMaster Underwater PIV systems allows a large variety of PIV imaging configurations for uncompromised performance. 2D-, Stereo- and Tomo-PIV measurements are realized using torpedo designs or compact vertical borescope setups. The submarine housings consist of high quality stainless steel tube components containing the remotely controlled PIV camera(s) and sheet optics. Hydrofoils cover the stiff vertical support tubes for minimum drag and wake. The laser and electronic components are accommodated in watertight housings mounted on the carriage above water level. The whole construction is CFD optimized and carefully tested up to a maximum towing speed of 7 m/s at a water depth of 1.5 m.

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LaVision FluidMaster

1846 24 FluidMastersetup

Scalar Imaging in Mixing Fluids and Thermal Flows

LaVision’s FluidMaster laser imaging systems measure scalar flow properties such as concentration, mixture fraction, fluid composition and temperature in various fluid dynamical applications. For scalar laser imaging in fluids Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) is the most versatile and practical measurement technique featuring high signal levels and spectral selectivity.

Beside accurate signal calibration the LIF software package in DaVis supports preprocessing routines accounting for background offset, nonuniform laser sheet profile, laser pulse-to-pulse fluctuations, image vignetting and distortion.

For LIF imaging accurate flow seeding with LIF-active molecular flow tracers is required and essential for successful measurements. LaVision has strong expertise in flow seeding including the appropriate use of each flow marker and in providing the necessary seeding device.

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LaVision FlowMaster PIV/ PTV-systems

1845 24 2cameratomo

Advanced Flow Field Imaging in Fluid Mechanics

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) as well as Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) are recognized as the most powerful and practical diagnostic tools for flow field analysis in fluid dynamics applications. Instantaneous 2D and 3D flow images are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution. LaVision’s FlowMaster PIVsystems have been generating valuable insights into flow phenomena in scientific, engineering, biological and medical applications for many years. Constant technological advances in hardware and implementation of the latest research of algorithms assure the maximum in performance, accuracy and system operability.

Our FlowMaster models are application oriented, meeting a wide range of measurement requirements due to their modular and flexible system design.

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Enjoy the new LaVision DaVis 10 Intelligent Imaging Software video

LaVision’s new DaVis 10 defines a new landmark of cutting-edge innovations in Intelligent Laser Imaging software. Combining high-performance cameras with outstanding image processing algorithms opens new dimensions for your imaging applications. DaVis 10 has been redesigned from the ground-up to deliver a software for modern demands for usability, data handling and visualization.

LaVision DaVis 10 - Releasing a new generation of imaging software

DaVis10 Podest

LaVision's DaVis 10 defines a new landmark of cutting-edge innovations in Intelligent Laser Imaging software. Combining high-performance cameras with outstanding image processing algorithms opens new dimensions for your imaging applications. DaVis 10 has been redesigned from the ground-up to deliver a software for modern demands for usability, data handling and visualization.

Leading-edge 4D imaging

DaVis 10 includes LaVision’s most innovative algorithms for 4D measurements of flow fields, sprays, mixing and combustion processes and 3D surfaces. Latest innovations like the robot-assisted MiniShaker for high-density particle tracking with Shake-the-Box, Pressure from PIV and Tomographic LIF provide a comprehensive platform for Intelligent Imaging.

LaVision ParticleMaster


Particle Imaging

LaVision’sParticleMaster imaging systems measure simultaneously size, shape and velocity of individual particles, droplets or bubbles dispersed in gas, liquid or multiphase flows. High-magnification shadow imaging with eye-safe LEDs or ultra-short laser pulses is applied giving confidence in the measurement method, as you can directly see the results of the particle imaging process.
Data acquisition and interactive image analysis with direct feedback and instant result generation are performed with the powerful ParticleMaster software module in DaVis. 

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LaVision SprayMaster

1850 24 SprayMastercompact

Laser Imaging in Sprays

LaVision‘s SprayMaster laser imaging system applies LIF and Mie imaging on pulsed laser light sheets. While the volume dependent LIF signal scales with the droplet mass, the simultaneously excited Mie signal is proportional to the droplet surface. Hence the LIF/Mie image ratio is used for planar global droplet sizing yielding the Sauter Mean Diamter (D32) distribution over the measured spray cross section.
A special 2-color Tracer-LIF technique allows the simultaneous visualization of the liquid and vapor phase of the evaporating spray.

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2003 25 BR SprayMaster


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