Laser Quantum yellow

  • Laser Quantum yellow cw lasers

    Laser Quantum yellow cw lasers

    561nm yellow lasers are often used in bio-medical imaging and cytometry. These applications require lasers that are both reliable and robust but with flexible control and high quality beam characteristics.

    Our range of products and services address the needs of the research laboratories wanting individual specifications, flexibility and beam quality, and the repeatability, lifetimes and service required by OEM integrator companies.

    gem - Designed for OEM integration, extraordinary lifetimes up to 500mW of 561nm
    ventus- Research grade 561nm lasers with high specification and easy control

  • Laser Quantum ventus 561

    Laser Quantum ventus 561

    The Laser Quantum ventus family of CW lasers is designed to exceed the demands of the scientific customer where flexibility, reliability and beam quality are critical. Each laser is highly compact, and can be operated via the control unit, simple software, Labview or with the Laser Quantum RemoteApp software that allows operation across the internet, and even connection for optimisation procedures.

    With MTTF figures in the hundreds of thousand hours, each laser is rigorously tested for impact resistance via a drop test, temperature and power cycling to ensure that every delivery works first time and exhibits long trouble free lifetimes.

    With a wavelength range covering 473 nm to 1064 nm and powers from 50 mW to 1.5 W, all within the same housing, the ventus family is ideal for research applications in biomedical imaging, microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, DNA sequencing, optogenetics and anywhere a high specification, reliable laser is needed.

  • Laser Quantum gem 561

    Laser Quantum gem 561

    The Laser Quantum gem 561 laser offers upto 500mW of yellow light in a near diffraction limited TEM00 beam with an M²<1.1. Designed for easy integration into OEM applications, the gem 561 has been extensively tested for robustness and stability.  

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