Laser Quantum opus

  • Laser Quantum opus 532

    Laser Quantum opus 532

    The Laser Quantum  opus 532 is a premium 532nm green laser product with excellent beam parameters, sophisticated software and control interface. Each opus includes our RemoteApp technology that allows the user a full, remote computer interface. With near-unity M-squared and excellent power stability in a rugged, patented design, the opus is an exceptional laser designed for demanding applications.  

  • Laser Quantum opus 660

    Laser Quantum opus 660

    The Laser Quantum opus 660 is a high powered red laser ideal for such applications as DNA sequencing and super-resolution microscopy. With a TEM00 beam and M²<1.2, it offers up to 1.5W in a highly compact and robust design.  

  • Laser Quantum opus 1064

    Laser Quantum opus 1064

    The Laser Quantum opus family of lasers are characterised by their high power to size ratio. The opus 1064 offers up to 10W of infra-red light with a TEM00 beam in a highly stable and robust housing. Ideal for many applications requiring high power such as multichannel optical trapping  

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