Laser Quantum venteon

  • Laser Quantum venteon femtosecond lasers systems


    The Venteon Laser Technology name is synonymous with the science of few cycle, broadband laser pulses. Used in many areas of physical, biological and chemical research e.g. two photon microscopy, CEP stabilisation applications and pump-probe spectroscopy, the venteon range is characterised by reliable performance with long lifetimes.

    The venteon family based around short pulse generation includes members that are designed to meet individual specification demands of the researcher. Optimised for Power, bandwidth, CEP or OPCPA seeding the venteon family has the right laser. If you need a general short pulse laser the venteon one covers the best of all these.

    venteon one - Entry level general <8 fs laser

    venteon power - Laser optimised for the highest power

    venteon CEP - Supplied with CEP locking f-to2f interferometer

    venteon ultra - ultrabroadband laser

    venteon dual - Ideal front-end for the few cycle OPCPA

  • Laser Quantum venteon CEP5 femtosecond laser

    venteon CEP5

    The Laser Quantum venteon CEP5 laser is a complete carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) stabilised laser system that utilises the exceptional spectral characteristics of the venteon ultra oscillator for a direct realisation of sub-two cycle CEP stable laser pulses with less than 50 as timing jitter. The CEP5 locking approach is the most natural way of locking the CEP by only filtering the spectral wings and is thus efficient and low-noise. Most importantly, it does not affect the properties of the ultrashort output beam by avoiding refractive elements as an AOFS in the beam path. In addition to the CEP-ready octave-spanning oscillator, this system includes an f-to-2f interferometer for fCEO beat generation next to a low-noise pump laser with CEPLoQ??? technology, locking electronics by Menlo Systems (Syncro) and measurement equipment.

  • Laser Quantum venteon dual femtosecond laser

    venteon dual

    The Laser Quantum venteon dual laser system represents the ideal front-end for broadband few-cycle OPCPA applications. The spectral bandwidth of this laser allows for the generation of broadband sub-5.5 fs pulses as a signal for a NOPA stage and additionally provides sufficient pulse energy for seeding an Yb-based amplifier pump stage. The pulses are provided by two separate output ports and are intrinsically self-synchronized with ultra-low timing jitter.

  • Laser Quantum venteon one femtosecond laser


    The Laser Quantum  venteon one femtosecond laser system is a compact, low-priced and robust source for ultrashort pulses <7.5 fs (transform limited <8 fs (measured) on a compact footprint of only 260 mm x 600 mm. The monoblock design is optimised for low pump threshold and includes an integral pump laser.

  • Laser Quantum venteon power femtosecond laser

    venteon power

    The Laser Quantum  venteon power laser system integrates a state of the art DPSS pump laser on an advanced, monolithic breadboard and is designed, then optimised to offer the highest possible power output for the configuration. This system delivers >560 mW of sub-7.5 fs short laser pulses directly out of the box (7.5 nJ @ 80 MHz repetition rate).

  • Laser Quantum venteon ultra femtosecond laser

     venteon ultra

    The Laser Quantum venteon ultra laser system provides unique spectral properties with an integrated state of the art DPSS pump laser on a novel designed, monolithic breadboard. It is designed and optimised to offer the shortest available pulse durations. It delivers >240 mW of sub-5.5 fs (measured) short laser pulses directly out of the box (>3 nJ @ 80 MHz repetition rate).

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