Abberior Instruments

Lastek is delighted to announce that it has been appointed Asia-Pacific distributor for Abberior Instruments.

Co-founded by 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Professor Stefan W. Hell, Abberior aims to become the leading supplier of cutting-edge super-resolution technology with the best possible resolution performance. In combination with their sister company Abberior, they offer an unrivaled combination of superresolution dyes and nanoscopy hardware.

Why work with Abberior Instruments and Lastek?

  • Connect with the inventors of STED and RESOLFT
  • Get the best possible resolution performance
  • Development cycles less than one year: stay cutting-edge with your upgradable system from Abberior Instruments
  • Why buy an outdated confocal/widefield microscope when you can get the latest superresolution technology for the same price?

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Becker & Hickl


Founded in 1993, Becker & Hickl have introduced a proprietary time-correlated single-photon counting principle that made TCSPC more than 100 times faster than the existing devices. Moreover, bh introduced a multi-dimensional TCSPC process that records the photons not only versus the time in the signal period, but also versus other parameters, such as experiment time, wavelength, or spatial coordinates. The bh devices are designed to record multi-dimensional photon distributions, time-resolved images, sequences of photon distributions, or multi-dimensional time-tag data. The bh TCSPC products are complemented by bh picosecond diode lasers, detector modules, multi-spectral detector assemblies, and experiment control modules. Based on these components Becker & Hickl supply their own confocal fluorescence lifetime laser scanning microscope and FLIM upgrade kits for laser scanning microscopes of various manufacturers. Moreover, bh is supplier of TCSPC modules for commercial time-domain optical tomography instruments. bh market activities include currently 5 workshops around the world and distribution of more than 1200 pages of TCSPC literature.


018 300x300

CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology.

The company has specialised in fluorescence microscopy since it introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004. LEDs are now the system of choice because they are more stable, longer lasting, and energy efficient than traditional mercury based illuminators as well as offering superior safety and environmental features.

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Gattaquant DNA Nanotechnologies: Technology for Super-resolution microscopy

image manager product images thumbnail dna origami based super resolution for custom nanoruler

In recent years the field of optical microscopy has developed several new technologies which have allowed to the breaking of the diffraction limit postulated by Ernst AbbĂ©. However, due to the lack of standardized methods for measuring and quantifying the resolution obtained by such a system, the user could not be sure that the used microscope provides the resolution which is required for his experiment. Now Gattaquant have introduced tools and methodologies which address these needs, providing convenient, fast and accurate products to measure resolution for these ground-breaking new microscopy techniques.

Lastek have been appointed distributors for Gattaquant in Australia and New Zealand, to complement their portfolio of advanced microscopy capabilities from Abberior Instruments and other leading suppliers. Click here for more details on Gatta-beadsGatta-SIM nanorulers, and Gatta-STED nanorulers.

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LaVision Biotec

LaVision BioTec are focused on the development of innovative optical equipment and measuring methods for life science application. These include advanced systems for microscopy including the revolutionary UltraMicroscope.

LCI: Chamlide Observation Chambers and Incubator Systems

LCI Chamlide

  • Easy installation
  • Very economical
  • High resolution live cell imaging

LCI (Live Cell Instrument, South Korea) offer a range of innovative observation chambers and incubator systems under the Chamlide brand, and are now available in Australia exclusively from Lastek. 

Chamlide Magnetic Chambers use a patented magnetic system that allow for quick and easy assembly. They are semi-permanent, replacing consumable culture-ware and expensive coverslip-bottomed dishes.

Chamlide magnetic chambers use coverslips (thickness 0.15-0.20 mm), allowing for high resolution imaging.

Why observation chamber with coverslip?

According to Abbe's theory, the resolution of light microscope fully depends on the N.A. of the objective lens. Therefore, for high resolution microscopy, it is absolutely required to use high N.A. objective lenses, which unavoidably have very short working distance. The conventional plastic culture wares are not thin enough to use with a high N.A. lens; thus, one should use a coverslip with a thickness in the range of 0.15-0.20 mm. Besides, a coverslip does not emit auto-fluorescence and has an appropriate reflective index (~1.515) for use with oil or water immersion objective lenses.

LifeCanvas Technologies


LifeCanvas Technologies is committed to providing sample-to-answer solutions in tissue processing to significantly improve and expedite research in deciphering complex biological systems.

The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough tools that enable three-dimensional investigation of a tissue’s molecular and structural information through rapid clearing and staining while preserving key tissue architecture, subcellular details and long-range connections. Our mission is to fast-track advancements in life sciences to improve human health.

LifeCanvas Technologies is founded by researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Phaseview provides 3D optical measurement instruments and non-destructive testing solutions for quality control, life sciences and defence.

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