Abet Technologies

Abet Technologies offer start-of-the-art xenon arc lamps and solar simulator systems.

Access Lasers

Access Lasers provide innovative RF excited CO and CO2 lasers used in spectroscopy-based instrumentation, laser marking and cutting, laser surgery, night vision illumination, laser radar, portable laser devices, interferometry, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, industrial and agricultural process control, free-space optical communication and more.



Altechna is a supplier of laser related products and solutions, specializing in the following key fields of activity:

  • Laser related components.
  • Distribution of well-known photonics industry brands in local markets.
  • R&D solutions in laser optics.
  • Manufacturing of laser related components.
  • Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality.

Altechna is a supplier of laser related products and solutions, specializing in the following key fields of activity:

  • Laser related components.

  • Distribution of well-known photonics industry brands in local markets.

  • R&D solutions in laser optics.

  • Manufacturing of laser related components.

  • Quality assurance and measurements to guarantee the highest quality.


Clark-MXR, Inc provide femtosecond/picosecond pulsewidth laser systems for the scientific and industrial markets.



Crystalaser is a leading manufacturer of ultra-compact diode-pumped solid-state crystal laser systems.



EKSPLA is ISO9001 certified manufacturer of lasers,  laser systems and laser components for R&D and industrial applications. Since its beginning, the company has aimed at production of high performance advanced  solutions. New ideas, broad knowledge of its engineers and physicists coupled with skilled and experienced staff have made it possible to create an exclusive company. EKSPLA is member of Lithuanian photonics cluster and Baltics photonics cluster. Close cooperation with academic and industry partners enable to contribute to EU and international projects like OPTIX (an advanced  system for detecting explosives in terrorist attack situations) and APPOLO (consortium for establishing and coordinating connections between the end-users and manufacturers).
Starting from a picosecond Nd:glass laser and a small series of mechanical mounts, EKSPLA has significantly increased its production range and now offers to its customers:

  • Solid-state lasers, laser systems and accessories for R&D  applications
  • Optical parametric oscillators/generators
  • Complete spectroscopy systems
  • Laser power supply and cooling units
  • Laser optoelectronics
  • Industrial DPSS lasers
  • Custom designed laser system

 Download Ekspla's 2014 Scientific Laser Catalogue here.

GAM Lasers

GAM laser

Gam Laser offer the world's most advanced technology excimer laser systems.

Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum, the UK’s largest laser manufacturer, offers a wide range of CW and ultrafast lasers and oscillators and has been delivering lasers worldwide to science and industry for over 20 years. Known for excellent reliability, the CW lasers span the visible and infrared spectrum, in both single frequency and multimode, with powers up to 16W. Our unique range of diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers and ultrafast lasers span the MHz and GHz regimes and include systems for ASOPS and THz generation.

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Light Conversion

Light Conversion Pharos

Light Conversion offer solid-state ultrafast laser systems and accessories, including PHAROS high power and energy femtosecond laser systems, CARBIDE industrial grade femtosecond systems, HARPIA femtosecond spectroscopic systems, TOPAS optical parametric amplifiers for femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers, Yb:KGW femtosecond laser systems and more.

Browse all Light Conversion products here.

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Light Conversion Femtosecond lasers

Light Conversion Harmonic Generators

Light Conversion OPA Orpheus

Light Conversion OPA Topas

Light Conversion OPCPA

Light Conversion Ultrafast Spectrometers

Light Conversion Auto-correlators

Lumina Power

ldn product

Lumina Power, Inc. manufactures a complete line of laser diode drivers, laser power supplies and Xenon arc lamp power supplies. With over twenty-five years of cumulative power supply design and manufacturing expertise, Lumina Power is able to offer standard and custom laser power designs that solve challenging OEM applications and meet stringent agency safety and emission requirements. Lumina Power’s products include high power laser diode drivers, capacitor charging power supplies and Xenon & Mercury arc lamp power supplies. 

Melles Griot

02 HeNeGroup 0031 retouched

Melles Griot offers an unparalleled range of photonic products and technologies, including lasers, shutters and optical systems. While many  of their products are available as standard off-the-shelf models from their catalog site, you may need a specialized solution. Their engineers and applications specialists will work with you to collaboratively design the laser, optic, optical component and/or assembly you require.

Melles Griot specialize in design, manufacture and ongoing support for custom-designed solutions, and offer more capabilities under one roof than any other photonics company. 

Laser systems available include helium-neon lasers, diode lasers, and DPSS laser systems.


 nanoplus laser packages small

DFB Lasers for high-precision gas sensing

nanoplus is the technology leader for lasers for gas sensing. They design and produce Distributed Feedback Lasers at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm. Define your wavelength with 0.1nm precision!

Types of semiconductor lasers:

- 760 nm – 3000 nm: laser diodes, continuous wave

- 3000 nm – 6000 nm: interband cascade lasers, continuous wave

- 6000 nm – 14000 nm: quantum cascade lasers, pulsed operation

Fabry Perot Lasers are available within the same wavelength windows.

nanoplus devices are used for high-precision applications in industry and research based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy.

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nLIGHT is a leading supplier and innovator of high-power semiconductor lasers and fibers for industrial, medical, defense and consumer applications. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage in performance, reliability and efficiency. The following products are representative of nLight’s superior device capabilities and performance.  nLight’s semiconductor diode lasers are designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements.

Browse all nlight products on Lastek website here.

Sairem SAS: Your partner in microwave and RF professional solutions

AW Ar 160 W 10 2 mbar

8 Aura-Wave ECR coaxial plasma sources distributed for the production of a large volume of plasma,
Argon, 10-2 mbar, 20 W/source

Lastek is delighted to announce that we have been appointed exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand for SAIREM SAS, of Lyon, France. Sairem is among the international leaders specialized in microwave and RF laboratory and industrial equipment for food processing, science and medicine. The key differentiator of Sairem’s knowledge is the ability to develop applications that cover the entire spectrum of electromagnetic energy and to scale up standard or custom made processes from laboratory up to industrial at power levels starting from a few watts up to several hundred watts. The group has outstanding reputation in international research and can provide complete technical and engineering support for designing and manufacturing the highest quality industrial solutions.

At present, Sairem is the only microwave specialist that can design custom made components or engineering complete solutions, provide support for all aspects of customers’ go-to-market strategy, from prototype to production, select cost-effective components, test prototypes and assemblies, and manufacture the highest quality solutions.

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Unleashed 0516

Thorlabs, a vertically integrated manufacturer, produces equipment for the photonics industry, including optomechanics, optics, laser diodes, tunable lasers, fiber optics, optical detectors, motion control equipment, and vibration isolation systems. In addition to core photonics equipment, Thorlabs also provides system-level and OEM solutions.

To see the full range of lasers and light sources offered by Thorlabs, please click below.

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Toptica Photonics

toptica DL pro

TOPTICA is the world leader in diode laser and ultrafast fiber technology for industrial and scientific markets. Their products and capabilities also extend into optical data storage test and reference technology, biophotonics, microscopy, flow cytometry and THz generation.

YSL Photonics

YSL Photonics is a fiber laser company focussed on high energy pulsed fiber lasers and laser wavelength conversion technooogy. Wuhan Yangtze Soton Laser Cow as established in 2010. It is a high tech company founded by Dr Chen, who graduated from ORC of Southampton University in the UK. The company mainly focusses on single mode PM high-power ultrashort pulse (9ps) fiber laser technologies. The company has a high level R and D team with world class technologies. Our core technologies are protected by patents such as the generation and duagnosis of the seed lasers, the design and manufacture of the high power high energy all fiber PM amplifiers and technologies of the wavelength conversion.

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