• Light Conversion Femtosecond Lasers Product Comparison Table


    Max. Output Energy

    Max. Output Power

    Min. Output Pulse Duration

    Repetition Rates

    Special features

    CARBIDE 65 – 400 µJ 4 – 40 W < 290 fs Up to 1 MHz Extremely compact and efficient
    PHAROS 200 – 2000 µJ 6 – 20 W < 190 fs Possibility of repetition rate synchronization and CEP offset stabilization
    FLINT (oscillator only) 0.125 µJ 1 – 10 W < 100 fs 64 – 86 MHz
  • Light Conversion: PHAROS High Power and Energy Femtosecond Lasers

    Pharos WHT

    Light Conversion's PHAROS is a single‑unit integrated femtosecond laser system combining millijoule pulse energies and high average power. PHAROS features a mechanical and optical design optimized for industrial applications such as precise material processing. Compact size, integrated thermal stabilization system and sealed design allows PHAROS integration into machining workstations. The use of solid state laser diodes for pumping of Yb medium significantly reduces maintenance cost and provides long laser lifetime.

  • Light Conversion Carbide Femtosecond Lasers for Industry and Science

    Carbide 40W WHT

    Light Conversion's CARBIDE is an industrial femtosecond laser combining 40 W output power and 400 μJ pulse energies. It maintains all the best features of its predecessor PHAROS: tunable base repetition rate of the amplifier from 60 kHz to 1000 kHz, a built‑in pulse picker for pulse‑on‑demand control, computer controllable pulse duration 290 fs – 10 ps. In addition, CARBIDE introduces new technologies including a novel approach to the cavity design supporting fast laser warm up time which is important for medical applications. An intra‑cavity pulse picker allows reduction of cost and lower power consumption. A highly integrated LD driver and control electronics along with an embedded computer control provide lower electromagnetic noise emission. The other improvements provide a few times higher average output power to wall plug‑in efficiency, which also reduces cooling requirements.

  • Light Conversion Flint Femtosecond Yb Oscillators


    The Light ConversionFLINT oscillator is based on Yb:KGW crystal end-pumping by high brightness laser diode module. Generation of femtosecond pulses is provided by Kerr lens mode-locking, once started, modelocking remains stable over a long period of time and is immune to minor mechanical impact. The oscillator can be equipped with external electrooptical Pulse Picker and appropriate timing electronics allowing selection of a single pulse at repetition rates up to 100 kHz. Piezo-actuator can be implemented in customized oscillators in order to control the cavity length. FLINT oscillator can also be equipped with Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization system.

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