Thorlabs Optical Tables

Thorlabs manufactures a wide range of solid breadboards, honeycomb breadboards, workstations, and optical tables. Thorlabs’ Nexus™ optical tables and breadboards are available with or without tapped mounting holes. Table and breadboard offering rigid, passive, or active vibration damping options are available. Additionally, our ScienceDesk™ breadboard frames offer an ergonomic workstation optimized for microscopy. Various accessories are also offered, allowing for a customized work environment. 

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Thorlabs Optical Breadboards

Thorlabs Nexus

Honeycomb Optical Breadboards

Optical breadboards are a relatively portable platform for building an optical setup on a flat surface. Thorlabs offers three types of honeycomb breadboards. The extensive Nexus damped optical breadboard product line features all-steel construction, excellent thermal stability, and damping optimized for each breadboard size. The 5 mm thick stainless steel top and bottom skins have a precision-machined matte finish, and the mounting holes have a 1/2" (12.5 mm) border at the edges of the breadboard. Our 58 mm thick optical breadboards are intrinsically damped and lightweight and also feature a 5 mm thick stainless steel top skin. The mounting holes have a 1.5" (37.5 mm) border at the edges of the breadboard. Our nonmagnetic aluminum breadboards are available in a lightweight 25 mm thick version as well as a stiffer 55 mm thick version. The mounting holes have a 1” (25 mm) border at the edges of the breadboards.

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Thorlabs Rigid Optical Table Supports

Thorlabs Rigid Supports

These rigid table supports are the ideal way to support an optical tabletop or breadboard in applications that do not require vibration isolation. Thorlabs rigid supports are height adustable, offer maximum load capacity up to 2500kgs, and are available in sets of 4 or more.

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