Laser Safety

Lastek takes laser safety seriously, and we know you do too. That's why we're committed to assisting our customers in ensuring all necessary and appropriate safety measures are available and in place. We offer comprehensive advice and support, and can even assist with a laser safety audit for your facility. With suppliers like Lasermet, Yamamoto, Thorlabs and Gentex we can help you with virtually all your safety requirements, including eye protection, shutters, laser blocking curtains/blinds and complete safety interlock systems. Visit our dedicated laser safety website at Explore below the full list of laser safety companies whom we represent, or contact us for assistance with your specific needs. We love to talk laser safety so give us a call today!


  laser blocking curtains

Lasermet  offers an extensive range of laser safety equipment and services designed to cover all aspects of laser & LED safety


Laservision offer a comprehensive selection of laser safety eyewear, including polycarbonate eyewear, glass eyewear, M-rated protective eyewear, and filter  windows.



NoIR--an independent manufacturer and eye-protection specialist--has been providing medical and industrial safety eyewear since 1973 to a global community of laser manufacturers, medical and industrial UV/blue light system manufacturers, hospitals, clinicians and pharmaceutical and telelcommunication companies. Custom frequency absorption, alignment, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy, and enhancement filters are available. For full details of available models including frames and filters please visit NoIR LaserShield at Laser Safety Australia.

Offenhauser + Berger

Offenhauser + Berger are specialists in laser safety eyewear and related equipment.



Yamamoto offer a complete range of laser safety equipment, including eyewear, laser curtain and film.

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