Access Lasers Scientific R&D CO2 systems



Access Lasers family of grating tuned/stabilized lasers, many of which are available with a Q-Switched option and with a CO gas fill, can handle a number of different tasks. Designed for applications such as spectroscopy, trace gas analysis, breath analysis, environmental monitoring, medical diagnoses, night vision illumination, infrared interferometry, remote sensing, free space optical communications, and laser radar they offer top of the line research and development opportunities.

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Access Lasers High Performance CO2 systems




Access Lasers family of industry leading stabilized lasers provide the advantage of power and wavelength at 2% precision in both fan and water-cooled configurations. In applications such as kiss cutting (selective depth), thin film ablation, and fiber optic manufacturing, where an ordinary non-stabilized laser simply isn’t precise enough, Access Laser’s models from the L3S at 400mW to the AL30S at 30 watts deliver unmatched performance.

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Access Lasers Industrial CO2 systems


Access Lasers industrial laser products combine high performance with 24/7 reliability, providing cost effective solutions for global manufacturing markets. From every day industry processes like cutting, welding, marking and coding, these high reliability lasers are also used daily in applications such as soft tissue dental surgery and dermatology skin resurfacing.

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GAM Lasers Excimer Lasers

All excimer laser products from GAM are of total/metal ceramic construction and use no elastomers or plastics. Corona preionization is used on all systems to give long life, high stability operation.  10 billion pulse system components lifetime. Class 1000 clean room chamber manufacturing. 500,000  hour MTBF electronic power modules. Just plug these units in for long term, reliable operation.

An overview of Gam Laser Excimer Laser Products:

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