Laser Safety Software

Fast and Accurate Laser Safety Calculations By LaserSafe PC

Intra beam calculation
New Windows®
software updated
to latest standards
IEC/EN 60825-1:2001
New classes
Revised MPEs

free AEL / MPE calculation demo software

Produced by GL Services in association with Lasermet Ltd, this is an ideal package for Laser Safety Officers or anyone else who regularly performs risk assessments on lasers or LEDs. According with all the relevant standards, (see below), it will save you hours of work and give consistent and correct answers to your calculations of MPEs, AELs, accessible emission, optical density requirements, classification etc. Because it performs in seconds, calculations which used to take hours, you can easily explore the safety of different scenarios for your laser or laser system. LaserSafe PC is by far the most comprehensive and widely used laser safety software available, with extensive use by major companies, government institutions and Universities.

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