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nLIGHT pearl™ semiconductor lasers can be configured to deliver output power, fiber size and wavelength combinations to optimize system performance. 

The nLIGHT pearl platform is designed and manufactured to achieve the most efficient and reliable operation for solid-state laser pumping, direct diode material processing, surgical lasers and medical therapeutics.

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nLIGHT Introduces World’s Brightest Multi-Mode Diode Laser



nLIGHT, the technology leader in semiconductor and fiber lasers, introduces the industry’s brightest multi-mode diode laser. This new addition to the element® diode laser portfolio emits 200 W from a 105 µm fiber, 0.15 NA. In only one year, nLIGHT’s new element® surpassed their own previous record for the industry’s brightest fiber laser pump with over a 25% increase in power and brightness.  

This key milestone for fiber coupled diodes was achieved through innovative developments in both chip and packaging technology. The brightness of element® pumps has revolutionized the architecture of high power fiber laser and direct diode systems. Based on cascaded single-emitter laser diodes, high power fiber coupling and simplified packaging, the element® platform offers the highest brightness diodes in the industry today. Available at wavelengths from 793 nm to 976 nm, and power levels up to 220 W, these lasers are the highest performance diode lasers for next generation fiber and solid-state laser pumping. 

nLIGHT element: Simply Brilliant.

nLIGHT element

nLIGHT announce nLIGHT element™, a new family of laser diodes which builds upon their foundation of single emitter diodes, high brightness fiber coupling, and simplified packaging.  nLIGHT has optimized the cost-performance curve and has introduced a product which produces up to 58W from a 105 um fiber, Simply Brilliant.  

element™ maintains its unparalleled reliability and efficiency by coupling nLIGHT's high-brightness nXLT™ single emitters with a proprietary optical design for efficient fiber coupling.  The element™ platform is designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements for DPSS and Fiber Laser Pumping, Material Processing, and Medical market segments.


nLIGHT Laser Diode Bars and Arrays


nLIGHT is a leading supplier and innovator of high-power semiconductor lasers and fibers for industrial, medical, defense and consumer applications. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage in performance, reliability and efficiency. The following products are representative of nLight’s superior device capabilities and performance.  nLight’s semiconductor diode lasers are designed and manufactured to meet custom high-performance and high-reliability requirements.

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