Fujikura CT-105/CT-106 Large Diameter Optical Fibre Cleaver 

Fujikura CT 106

When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibres up to 1,250 ?m, the FujikuraCT-105/CT-106 cleaver family will provide both flat and angled cleaves that rival anything available on the market today. The extensive programming features allow the user to take control for optimal results. The ability to then store those parameters ensures consistent results.

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Fujikura FSM-100 series Specialty Fibre Arc Fusion Splicers

Fujikura FSM 100

Fujikura specialty fibre splicer FSM-100 series offer a host of innovative technology to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications. These models have unique capabilities to control the plasma zone of the fusion arc, revolutionising the way users will splice various types of specialty fibres, LDFs, PMFs and so on.

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OFS Specialty Photonics

OFS Specialty Photonics Division is the industry leader in optical fibre design or modification for highly customized applications. It develops focused fibre solutions – the right fibre , cables, and other specialty optical fibre products – to meet the needs of established and growing industries.

OFS Specialty Photonics supplies advanced optical
fibre , including specialty multimode, specialty single-mode, rare-earth doped, polarization-maintaining and other nonstandard fibre . It also manufactures specialty cables and connectors, and other specialty products, such as high-power laser components.

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