Lastek offers a wide variety of scientific camera systems from leading manufacturers, including Raptor Photonics, LaVision, Thorlabs and more. See below for further details and an overview of each companies' camera product range. Expore our website for descriptions of individual cameras, or contact us for further information. 

Raptor Photonics

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Lastek is the exclusive Australian distributor for Raptor Photonics. Based in Northern Ireland, Raptor is a leading developer and supplier of next generation, high performance camera solutions for the Scientific, Surveillance and Industrial markets. Raptor offers a range of CCD, EMCCD, Scientific CMOS and InGaAs solutions that span the spectrum from X-rays to SWIR. As well as standard products, Raptor provides custom solutions to OEM and Instrumentation companies throughout the World.

Applications include adaptive optics & astronomy, beam profiling, fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy, live cell imaging, semiconductor & solar cell inspection, X-ray imaging & spectroscopy.  For further details of the Raptor Photonics product line please read below, visit their website, or talk to Lastek today.

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LaVision Cameras

LaVision Imager HS

CCD and ICCD cameras are the heart of the laser imaging systems offered by LaVision. Therefore, LaVision is continuously striving to offer the most appropriate cameras for our customer's application. All camera systems include camera head, control units, multiport TTL-I/O interface, PC and high performance software DaVis for image acquisition, processing and analysis.
LaVision's DaVis software allows complete camera function control, synchronization with other devices and peripheral device activation. All software functions are programmable via LaVision's command language (CL). CL allows the automization of complete measurement sequences including data acquisition and processing up to final result presentation and peripheral device control. Application specific software modules are available.

High-speed imaging provides detailed insight into transient phenomena. LaVision offers a range of digital (ultra) high-speed cameras and light sources operating together under advanced synchronization concepts. High-speed imaging is under complete software control for device operation, image acquisition, processing and presentation.  

Thorlabs Cameras

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Thorlabs' Scientific-Grade CCD Cameras are specifically designed for microscopy and other demanding applications. Our monochrome and color scientific cameras are based on high quantum efficiency, low-noise CCD imagers, which makes them ideal for multispectral imaging, fluorescence microscopy, and other imaging techniques.

The features and options in our cameras have been chosen and optimized to benefit your research. For example, cooled cameras are available for low-light, long exposure applications. Choose from two industry-standard interfaces designed to ease integration of multiple cameras or to maximize data transfer rates. An intuitive software package, API and SDK for developers, and third-party software support provide options for custom system control and image acquisition.

Edmund Optics Cameras

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Edmund Optics offers a wide range of analog or digital Cameras designed for a variety of imaging applications, including video microscopy or industrial use. Cameras use a wide range of video outputs to display an image on a monitor. Digital Cameras are available with a variety of digital interfaces, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire.a, FireWire.b, Gigabit Ethernet, or Camera LinkĀ® to ensure maximum compatibility with any number of applicationsā€™ needs. A selection of camera accessories is also available including mounting adapters, capture cards, or cables.

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