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OEM cavity dumper pockels cell drivers PCD UHR

Above: PCD-UHR Series OEM Cavity Dumper Drivers

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Quantum Composers: 9250 Emerald Series Pulse Delay Generator

 emerald standard web

The Emerald 9250 is the newest addition to Quantum Composer's line of Digital Delay Pulse Generators. This unit will come standard with a 1 ppm OCXO oscillator, giving you performance you want without extra cost.

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Quantum Composers: Sapphire Series Digital Delay Pulse Generator

9200 Sapphire Web

The Quantum Composeres Sapphire series represents a revolutionary new pulse generator technology that offers full function in a compact and cost effective package.

At just 181 x 130 x 38mm this is one of the smallest units available, but you will not be disappointed in its performance, features or programmability. Finally, a low-cost pulse generator that does not skimp on performance or function. This instrument also has wireless capabilities (optional) via Bluetooth allowing you to communicate without a USB or RS232 connection. Another new feature is you can power this unit with USB, freeing you from an extra cord.

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Quantum Composers: 9530 Laser Synchronising Pulse Generator

9530 pulse generator b4af0988ce4c62ec865dd733d0d3f46d

Offering high-quality laser timing and laser synchronising at affordable pricing, the Quantum Composers 9530 Pulse Generator is the premier pulse generator on the market.

The 9530 Pulse Generator incorporates laser timing and laser synchronisation to effectively produce any series of events.  The 9530 is ideal for laser timing applications with eight independent outputs, dual laser trigger/gate inputs and external laser clock reference input.

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Quantum Composers model 9530 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator

9530 pulse generator b4af0988ce4c62ec865dd733d0d3f46d

Quantum Composers introduces a new addition to their suite of Pulse Generators: The 9530 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator. The model 9530 is the most innovative instrument to accurately synchronise any series of events. The 9530's eight independent outputs, dual trigger/gate inputs and external clock reference input make it ideal for laser system timing applications. The system can directly phase lock to an external timebase up to 100MHz in frequency and down to 20mV in amplitude. This allows synching directly to a laser photodiode signal and provides complete system timing relative to the laser timing with low jitter.

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Signal Recovery 7124: The only lock-in amplifier with an all analog front end


Since the invention of the lock-in amplifier, none has been more revered and trusted than the PAR124A by Princeton Applied Research.  With over 50 years of experience, Signal Recovery (formerly Princeton Applied Research) offers the 7124: the only lock-in amplifier that has an all analog front end separated, via fiber, from the DSP main unit.   

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Signal Recovery new 7230 DSP Lock-In: As easy as your favourite web browser

7230 315

The Signal Recoverymodel 7230 is a new concept in general-purpose DSP lock-in amplifiers. It offers the excellent performance that users expect from our instruments but at a lower price than many competitive models. This improvement in price/performance ratio has been achieved by replacing the traditional control buttons and display with easy-to-use control panels that can be operated from any computer via your favorite browser.

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Signal Recovery new Dual-Phase DSP Lock-In Amplifier

7270 315

Signal Recovery have released the model 7270 Dual-Phase DSP Lock-In Amplifier. The model 7270 sets a new standard for general-purpose DSP lock-in amplifiers. Signal Recovery have taken advantage of the developments in technology since the first DSP lock-in amplifiers were introduced in the early 1990’s to update the core design, but made sure that they've included all the best features of their model 7265 and 7280 instruments. The result is a lock-in amplifier of outstanding performance that is easy to use and suitable for all measurements over a frequency range extending from 1 mHz to 250 kHz.

Lumina Power Inc: LDN Series Laser Diode Drivers


The new LDN series laser diode drivers from Lumina Power Inc are the second generation of precision CW/Pulsed diode drivers offered by Lumina Power. Building on more than a decade of experience in laser diode driver technology the new LDN family incorporates the features of the LDD and LDY models. New upgrades include increased energy storage for better pulsed performance, newly designed magnetics for cooler operation, lower inrush current at start-up and availability of an optional Performance Level “E” laser safety feature. Offered in 4 power levels from 600 to 2000 watts the LDN family of laser diode drivers offer laser designers the most advanced and proven power supply technology available.

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Lumina Power Inc: LDD Series High Power Laser Diode Drivers

ldd product page

The Lumina Power Inc LDD series is a new family of OEM laser diode drivers designed for the emerging high power laser diode industry. The LDD series is ideal for high power applications where economy is important and performance cannot be compromised. Compact size is possible due to the low-loss Zero Voltage Switching inverter and incorporation of planar magnetics. The LDD is virtually wire free.

Power factor is greater than 0.99 and conducted emissions meet stringent European regulations. No additional line filters required to meet EN 55011 emission requirements. The LDD family has been designed with the knowledge that a high power laser diode is an expensive device. Rise and fall times are strictly controlled to reduce high voltage transients which could damage the laser diode.

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