The automated XRF system for strip electroplating

The Helmut Fischer FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY 4000 is designed for measuring coating thicknesses during the strip electroplating process, for checking stamped parts and hot air solder-leveled strips or metal coatings on foils, for example. During the measurement, the galvanized strip is scanned using X-ray fluorescence analysis. The measurement results are both accurate and reliable. Fast mechanics for moving the measuring head around make it possible to take measurements at various places on the test piece. Due to the modular system architecture, the XRF measuring instrument can be adjusted according to your individual needs. If required, a second measuring head can even be installed for measuring the front and back of a product.

Inline measurements taken in real time and directly in the production line yield more readings – and more quickly – than your quality lab can provide. This makes it possible to identify trends in the coating thickness and quickly take corrective measures. As a result, the interventions required in the coating line are less severe. The advantage: You can control the process more accurately without having to set a safety margin on the coating thickness, which saves money.


  • Fast and reliable measurement using XRF
  • All hardware and software components have been developed for inline measurement purposes
  • Easy handling and automatic calibration ensure minimal set-up times
  • Can be used flexibly by adapting to different layer systems and bandwidths (from just a few millimeters to one meter)
  • Systems comply with DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568


  • Galvanic coatings such as Au, Ag, Pd, Ni, Cu etc. on stamped and solid strips
  • Electrical contacts on strip material
  • Hot air solder-leveled steel and non-ferrous metal coiled wires
  • Functional coatings in the photovoltaics industry