• SIOS SP-DS Double Beam Interferometer

    SIOS SP-DS Double Beam Interferometer

    Length and Angle Measurement Systems

    Double-Beam Interferometer:

    Two parallel measuring beams are used to acquire two length values independently of each other. So it is possible to determine the position, angle and difference values simultaneously.

    • Simultaneous length and angle measurement or differential measurement
    • Beam distance selectable
    • Combinable with plane mirror, cat-eye or hollow reflector


    • Simultaneous length and angle measurement, e. g. for verification of linear guides.

    SP-DS Series

    • Selectable materials of sensor head: aluminium, stainless steel or Invar
    • Open interfaces for OEM software under Windows or Linux


    • OEM measuring system for laser-interferometric precision length measurement and calibration of coordinate and length measuring machines, machine tools, measuring and positioning tables
    • Differential measurement, e.g. material testing, dilatometry or deflection and drift behaviour investigations
    • Simultaneous length and angle measurements of positioning stages or machine calibration

    Technical Data:

    • Measurement range: up to 2 m with plane mirror
    • Angle resolution: 0.001 to 0.005 arcsec (depending on selected beam separation)
    • Angle measurement with cat-eye reflector: up to ±5°

    Download datasheet here.

  • SIOS SP 5000 TR Interferometer for simultaneous length and angle measurement

    SIOS SP 5000 TR Interferometer for simultaneous length and angle measurement

    Many applications in industry and research require high-precision simultaneous displacement and angle measurements. Fast set-up and easy adjustment are particularly important.

    SIOS Triple-beam laser interferometers are precision length measuring devices that combine three interferometers in one device. The same highly stable laser frequency is used in all three measuring channels. Thus, three length values can be measured simultaneously with sub-nanometer accuracy. The corresponding angle can be determined with high precision from the difference between two length values and the calibrated beam distance. The system has a modular design and can therefore be adapted to a wide variety of measurement tasks. The interferometer has a measuring range of more than 5 m and a sub-nanometer resolution. For measurements with a reflector, the angle measuring range up to ±12,5° is possible.

    The fiber optic coupling of the sensor head and the optionally integrated beam direction detection support easy handling and adjustment.

    The design of the three-beam interferometer is compact and robust. This makes it ideal for high-precision measurements in industry and research and as an OEM instrument.

    For large measuring ranges or calibration tasks, the use of wireless temperature sensors or the climate measuring station LCS is recommended.