• Lyncée Tec: Latest Innovation for Automated Inspection

    Wafer inspection using digital holography microscopy: Digital holography enables fast and stable 3D topography acquisition. It is ideal for wafer level inspection. Structure height, flatness, defect are measurable at unrivalled speed.

    Lyncée Tec announce an innovative Lens-less sensor, capable of scanning a full wafer in 60 seconds ! Compact new design, easy to integrate, customizable UI! Fastest 3D profilometer ever build!

  • Lyncée Tec MEMS Analysis Tool V7.0 released

    Micro Mirror 773khz Amplitude VibrationsMap

    Lyncée Tec SA is very proud to introduce new features in the latest version of MEMS Analysis Tool V7.0! Users can update their version automatically to benefit of these new functions.

    • Amplitude of Vibration Map
    • Phase of Vibration Map
    • Differential In- & Out-of-plane

    The MEMS Analysis Tool is a post-analysis software. It provides quantitative and precise space and frequency analysis of the 3D time sequence of topographies (4D) recorded by DHM® for both periodicaland non-periodical phenomenons.

  • Lyncée Tec launches the 4D profilometry application challenge

    PosterChallenge 270x270

    Lyncée Tec SA, pioneer in Digital Holography Microscopy (DHM® ) launchesits first 4D profilometry innovation challenge.

    DHM® are optical systems measuring the sample topography over the full field of observation without any lateral or vertical scanning, just with a single camera frame acquisition. This unique technical feature enables to record time­sequences of successive 3D topography, giving access to the world of 4D profilometry.

    DHM® can measure samples in air, immersed in liquid, under controlled atmosphere, under low or high pressure. 3D topography temporal changes can be induced by any mechanical, electrical, pressure, temperature, or any other environmental changes. It can also be the result of a natural sample physical evolution, such as evaporation or light exposition.

    The goal of the challenge is to propose an innovative 4D profilometry application. Propositions should match DHM® specifications. The 10 best propositions will be nominated and, if possible, realized by Lyncée Tec. Participants will get access to results data. As a second step, an external international jury will choose 3 winners among the ten nominees. They will share USD 10’000 cash prize.

  • Lyncée Tec DHM technology reported in Nature Photonics


    Above: Marker-free nanoscopy by 2pi-DHM in real and spatial frequency domains.

    Lyncée Tec DHM technology reported in Nature Photonics, Scientific publication 'Marker-free phase nanoscopy', Y.Cotte

    Abstract :  We introduce a microscopic method that determines quantitative optical properties beyond the optical diffraction limit and allows direct imaging of unstained living biological specimens. In established holographic microscopy, complex fields are measured using interferometric detection, allowing diffraction-limited phase measurements.