The Lyncée Tec Reflection DHM series (DHM®-R1000, DHM®-R2100 and DHM®-R2200) are reflection configured holographic microscopes. They are ideal for measuring totally and partially reflecting objects. Their ability to work with low reflective interfaces (down to less than 1% reflectivity), make them ideal instruments for accurate optical topography measurements on a large variety of samples.

With their high acquisition rate and ease of use, DHM® instruments allow rapid routine inspections, automated industrial quality control as well as innovative R&D applications, particularly for dynamic observations. There are three configurations available, defined by the number and combination of wavelengths:

  • R-1000 series: single laser source
  • R-2100 series: dual laser sources
  • R-2200 series: three laser sources

The reflection DHM® are compatible with the optional Stroboscopic module and the post-analysis software for MEMS analysis and Reflectometry analysis. Each DHM® can be delivered with its own structure to hold it, or as a head only, to be mounted on other structures or on production lines. The DHM® are compatible with a large range of optional motorized stages. Lyncée Tec has developed the DHM® technology from its invention to its maturity. It has the competence and flexibility to offer you customized and OEM systems.