• Lyncée Tec: Full-Field Vibration Map of cMUT, pMUT, and SAW by DHM®

    Lyncée Tec: Full-Field Vibration Map of cMUT, pMUT, and SAW by DHM®

    Vibration 3D Measurements

    Lyncée Tec's DHM is the world's fastest 3D optical profilometer. It provides the most comprehensive MEMS vibration analysis up to 25MHz. And each measurement has a mega data points resolution!

    Vibration Amplitude Map

    Amplitude of the vibration for each data point


    Vibration Phase Map

    Phase difference between the excitation signal and the MEMS response

    DHM is the only system that provides vibration maps with mega data point resolution in just a few seconds!

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    Picometer Amplitude Surface Acoustic Waves


    Mega-data-point full field measurements enable to very efficiently characterize the circular Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) generated by a single pMUT element.

    A pMUT array produces a planar SAW on each side, with destructive interference at the corners.

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    What's more with this MEMS analyzer? It is also the world fastest 3D profilometer!

     A precise control of the shape of tunable lenses is important to ensure high quality and aberration free performances. DHM® enables to measure it with an interferometric resolution at high measurement framerate.





    DHM is the world's fastest 3D optical profilometer which enables real time 3D topography with acquisition rate up to 100'000 fps.

  • New perspectives with multimodal DHM® by Lyncée Tec

    New perspectives with multimodal DHM® by Lyncée Tec

    The standard for long time-lapse cell culture monitoring correlative microscopy.

    Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) offers label-free measurement of cell morphology and dry mass, two unique biomarkers for the cell's physiological state.

    Fluorescence adds the specificity associated with the labelling of targeted cellular components or molecules. Minimize cell damages linked with fluorescent markers, phototoxicity and bleaching by combining it with QPI.

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    Why QPI and Fluorescence correlative imaging?

    Spatial co-localization: Use the specificity of fluorescence to identify distinct cellular structures

    Lipid droplets quantification

    Bio-processes Synchronization: Dynamics of mechanical movements and ion fluxes.

    Cardiomyocytes beating

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  • Lyncée Tec industrial DHM series R100 & R200: 3D optical profilometers with interferometric resolution

    Lyncée Tec industrial DHM series R100 & R200: 3D optical profilometers with interferometric resolution

    The Lyncée Tec industrial DHM® series R100 and R200 are compact and lightweight 3D optical profilometers with interferometric resolution. They can be mounted on robot arms and gantry conveyors, and can be easily integrated into special multifunctional machines.  Similarly to other Lyncée DHM® products, the measurement technology differs fundamentally from other optical profilometers by the non-requirement of both vertical and horizontal scanning. The 3D information is acquired instantaneously over the full field of view, and at camera frame rate. There are many advantages in it:

    •    Sample can be measured on-flight, without stopping the sample.
    •    The exposure time is very short, down to microsecond, making the measurement extremely robust against environmental vibrations.
    •    Short acquisition time and high frame rate enables us to characterize large surfaces in a very short period of time and to perform high throughput quality control.
    •    The absence of scanning mechanism makes the system very robust with large Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
    •    The vertical calibration relies on the perfectly controlled laser wavelength stability, ensuring metrology tractability and I exempt of scanning non-linearity and long term drifts.

    The DHM heads can operate in reflection with one (R100 series) or two wavelengths (R200 series). They are equipped with a single objective or with a fast linear motorized objective changers. The systems can be either controlled by Lyncée Tec property software suite, or by using Lyncée Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating Lyncée DHM® technology into your own software. These sensor heads are already used in the field of display, semiconductor, micro-optics, and industrial metrology.

    The industrial DHM can also be used for R&D applications and are compatible with our MEMS laser pulsed stroboscopic acquisition solution.

  • New milestone for Lyncée Tec in ultrafast 3D topography measurements

    New milestone for Lyncée Tec in ultrafast 3D topography measurements

    A new milestone has been reached in the field of ultrafast 3D topography measurements. In October, Lyncée Tec SA has delivered to Professor James Friends, Department of Material Sciences and Engineering, University of California San Diego, USA, a DHM T1000 equipped with a Photron Fastcam Nova high speed camera enabling 12’500 3D topography Measurement Per Second (MPS) for a digital resolution of 1024×1024 pixels, and 116’000 MPS for 256×256 pixels.

    Professor James Friends, University of California San Diego, USA said: "We needed ultrahigh speed 3D measurements for our research. After considerable exploration we found no solutions available on the market, and we contacted Lyncée to define a suitable solution in close collaboration with their specialists. The novel system was recently delivered and offers an easy-to-use, fully customized software interface with an optical arrangement that matches our needs to adapt the holographic measurement method to high speed cameras. We expect it to enable us to perform outstanding research, and welcome the collaboration with the Lyncée Tec team that is already producing great results."

  • Lyncée Tec Digital Holographic Macroscope

    Lyncée Tec Digital Holographic Macroscope

    Lyncée Tec's Digital Holographic Macroscope is the first macroscopic configuration of reflection DHM®. It enables measurement of 3D topography with large field of view up to 32 x 32 mm. As others DHM® products, the macro-sensor is a non-scanning instruments recording 3D topography at unrivaled acquisition speed. This new patented technology opens new applications where a sub-nanometric vertical resolution is required within an extended field of view compare to standard microscope configuration.

  • Lyncée Tec Live 3D Profilometer

    Lyncée Tec Live 3D Profilometer

    The LyncéeTec Live 3D Profilometer solution by DHM® provides a unique approach for 3D topography characterization. Additionally to measurement of static samples, Digital Holographic Microscopy’s (DHM) “live” acquisition enables 3D measurements on moving and deformable samples.

    Key features:

    High temporal resolution

    • 3D topography acquisition rate up to 1000 frames per second
    • Data acquisition time typically 100 microseconds, optional 10 microseconds
  • Lyncée Tec: Microscopes for 3D real-time optical topography

    Lyncée Tec: Microscopes for 3D real-time optical topography

    Lyncée Tec SA combines for the first time in microscopy nanometric resolution, real time and non-invasive 3D observations in a revolutionary technology called "Digital Holographic Microscopy" (DHM™). The characteristics of DHM™ instruments make out of it a unique solution for following the whole development cycle of a product, from innovative R&D to quality control in production line, passing through the quantitative optimization of the manufacturing process. More here .

  • Lyncée Tec Transmission DHM®

    Lyncée Tec Transmission DHM®

    Transmission DHM® measures the optical path difference of a beam travelling through samples .

    For measurements of micro-optical components, microfluidic devices, and defects or particles inside transparent samples, Transmission DHM® systems are usually the optimal choice.

    In biological imaging the pioneer users of DHM® have demonstrated through seminal publications the interpretation of DHM® measurements in terms of underlying biological processes. Transmission DHM® systems are the best choice for such cellular applications.

  • Lyncée Tec Reflection DHM®

    Lyncée Tec Reflection DHM®

    Reflection DHM® measures the reflected wavefront from the sample, i.e. the surface topography in case of purely reflecting sample.

    DHM®is more than a standard optical profilometer as it enables dynamic measurement within vertical ranges from nanometers to hundreds of microns with sub-nanometric vertical resolution.

    Applications :

    • Surface topography
    • Surface finish
    • Defect inspection
    • Structured thin film
    • MEMS measurement