When sensitive instrumentation is subject to environmental disturbance, performance is degraded. Maximising the potential of laboratory equipment requires that it be effectively isolated from sources of vibration and noise. But how to achieve this when space is at a premium, when the equipment is large, bulky and difficult to move, or when the source of vibration is close to the system to be isolated? These are the specific problems which K & S advanced systems vibration isolation platforms are designed to solve.

K & S advanced systems offer a range of active and passive, low profile, vibration isolation systems which directly address many of these specific problems. They are small in size, elegantly designed and low in weight. Installation is straightforward even for heavy tools, as there is no need for lifting or heavy construction. No piezoelectric elements are used, offering practically unlimited lifetime for sensors and motors and significantly lower lifetime costs. They also feature highly tunable vibration isolation so that the systems can be configured for challenging environmental conditions. With built-in diagnostic controls, software adjustable active bandwidth, and remote control, these platforms are superbly designed and engineered to provide exceptional levels of vibration isolation for your critical laboratory systems. 

Their lightweight and compact Table Top active vibration isolation systems counteract unwanted vibrations for sensitive equipment. The streamlined design allows it to seamlessly become part of the workstation environment, and its straightforward composition requires no follow-up tuning.

Key capabilities include:

  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Active gain starting from 0.5Hz
  • Variable Damping (patent pending)
  • Build In Artificial Intelligence
  • Feature Adjustable by software active bandwidth
  • Remote control
  • Built in real time diagnostic tools
    • Spectrum analyzer
    • Oscilloscope
  • Shaker Mode

Further details of the full range of K & S advanced systems products may be found here

Photographs of sample installations across a wide range of instruments and application are shown below.