K&S Advanced Systems innovative vibration isolation platforms offer optimum solutions for microscopy, electron microscopy, semiconductor manufacture, IVF and other applications where compact high-performance isolation and absorption of disturbance from the environment is essential. K&S isolation systems offer distinct advantages over existing designs, including straightforward installation without the need to lift the the tool being isolated. 

Both passive and active isolation systems are available. All units feature 6 degrees of freedom, built-in Artifical Intelligence capability, small size, low weight and real-time diagnostic tools. Control over vibration isolation is highly configurable for challenging environmental conditions via software. And there are no piezo-electric elements in use. Explore the links to discover further information, including application notes, transmissibility curves and more. Download catalogue here

Recent Releases: 

  • ArisMDPro: the most powerful Active Vibration Isolation System
  • SotoTT35: the smallest and light load passive Vibration Isolation System
  • Coming soon: Aris Integra

Pictured below a selection of images of installations of K&S systems.