Light Conversion 's TOPAS‑HR is an optical parametric amplifier designed for high repetition rate (10 kHz – 1 MHz) applications. Built on a well established TOPAS ORPHEUS base, TOPAS‑HR provides high output stability throughout the entire tuning range, high output pulse and beam quality, full automation via USB port as well as optional frequency mixing stages to extend the tuning range.

TOPAS‑HR can be pumped by high repetition rate Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser amplifiers and is an invaluable tool for your spectroscopy, multiphoton microscopy, micro-structuring and other applications.


  • Repetition rate up to 1 Mhz
  • Pump energy up to 0.2 mJ
  • Tuning range spanning from 290 nm to 2.6 μm, computer controlled
  • High output stability throughout the entire tuning range

Download datasheet here.

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