Light Conversion's CARBIDE is an industrial femtosecond laser combining 40 W output power and 400 μJ pulse energies. It maintains all the best features of its predecessor PHAROS: tunable base repetition rate of the amplifier from 60 kHz to 1000 kHz, a built‑in pulse picker for pulse‑on‑demand control, computer controllable pulse duration 290 fs – 10 ps. In addition, CARBIDE introduces new technologies including a novel approach to the cavity design supporting fast laser warm up time which is important for medical applications. An intra‑cavity pulse picker allows reduction of cost and lower power consumption. A highly integrated LD driver and control electronics along with an embedded computer control provide lower electromagnetic noise emission. The other improvements provide a few times higher average output power to wall plug‑in efficiency, which also reduces cooling requirements.

CARBIDE lasers feature a number of options complementing the requirements of various applications: certified safety shutter, beam conditioning unit (beam expanders with optional spatial filters), automated attenuator, harmonics generators, and an additional pulse picker for enhanced contrast. CARBIDE lasers are designed with robustness for the industrial market, but also offer wavelength converters (harmonics generators, parametric amplifiers) and ultrafast HARPIA spectrometers making CARBIDE a powerful tool for the scientist working not only in laser science fields, but also in biology, chemistry and other arenas.


  • 290 fs – 10 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 400 μJ pulse energy
  • 40 W output power
  • 60 kHz – 1 MHz tunable base repetition rate
  • Pulse picker for pulse‑on‑demand operation
  • Rugged, industrial grade mechanical design
  • Automated harmonics generators 
    (515 nm, 343 nm, 257 nm)
  • Air or water cooling

 Download datasheet here.

MODEL CB1-05 CB1-04 CB3-40-200 CB3-40-400
Cooling method Air-cooled 1) Water-cooled
Max. average power > 5 W > 4 W > 40 W
Pulse duration (assuming Gaussian pulse shape) < 290 fs
Pulse duration adjustment range 290 fs – 10 ps
Max. pulse energy > 85 µJ > 65 µJ > 200 µJ > 400 µJ
Base repetition rate 2) 60 – 1000 kHz 200 – 1000 kHz 100 – 1000 kHz
Pulse selection Single‑shot, pulse‑on‑demand, any base repetition rate division
Centre wavelength 3) 1028 ± 5 nm
Beam quality TEM00; M2 < 1.2
Pulse picker included included, enhanced contrast AOM 4) included
Pulse picker leakage < 2 % < 0.1 % < 0.5 %
Beam pointing stability < 20 µrad/°C
Output power stability < 0.5 % rms over 24 hours 5)
  1. 1)Water-cooled version available on request.
  2. 2)Lower repetition rates are available by controlling pulse picker.
  3. 3)2nd (515 nm) and 3rd (343 nm) harmonic output also available.
  4. 4)Provides fast amplitude control of output pulse train.
  5. 5)Under stable environmental conditions.


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