La Vision BioTec’s innovative approach to 2-photon microscopy is unique. While LaVision BioTec’s optics engineers designed the TriM Scope they had the following mission:

“Design the perfect 2-photon microscope delivering maximum frame rate and deepest penetration at lowest possible sample damage!”

To deliver these results the TriM Scope utilizes a unique imaging setup that scans the specimen with 64 beams simultaneously. First, 64 beams deliver 64 times more fluorescence light keeping the intensities in individual beams – and so the damage – low. Next, more fluorescence light allows higher frame rates. Finally, CCD cameras deliver much better sensitivity than PMTs.


  • 1, 2, 4, ...., 64 foci arranged in a line
  • Suitable foer wavelengths between 710nm .... 980nm
  • Optical throughput within the TriMScope >70%
  • Prism based Chirp compensation for maximum excitation and sensitivity - Pulslength ~120 fs at the sample
  • Two axis galvano scanner
  • Scan rate up to 1.2kHz with non resonant scanner
  • Frame rate 31Hz @ 1004x1002pix

If you like to have more information regarding the TriM Scope please download “Introduction into TriM Scope” and for more background information why 64 beams are better than one please download “64 are better than one

The TriM Scope can be combined with:

  • Most scientific inverted and upright microscopes (e.g. Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss)
  • Various CCD detectors (single camera detection as well as simultaneous dual camera detection for ratio imaging) that deliver highest frame rates, low noise at maximum quantum efficiency
  • Optional PMT-kits for full flexibility in standard single beam 2-photon scanning or SHG imaging detection
  • Optional FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery after Photo Bleaching) and Uncaging Capabilities
  • Fast filter wheels and imaging spectrometers for spectral detection and
  • The intensified Pico Star CCD camera for FLIM [Fluorescence Life Time Microscopy] imaging.
  • All options are integrated into LaVision BioTec’s image acquisition and processing software package ImSpector.

For exact specifications please download specifications here.