The LaVision Biotec TriM Scope II multi photon-box represents the second generation of two photon microscopes and is designed for fast and deep imaging in a multi-user environment. It always comes as a single beam instrument including upright stand and 2 NDD detectors close to the objective lens. As an option it can include:

LaVision BioTec’s patented beam splitting optics for simultaneous 64 beam scanning

  • up to 8 NDD detectors
  • various CCD cameras
  • LaVision BioTec’s fast TCSPC detector
  • descanned detectors for Confocal detection
  • pre-chirp compensation
  • OPO technology

Second Generation 2-Photon Microscope

LaVision BioTec’s latest 2-photon microscope – the TriM Scope II – provides innovative features to :

  1. be the perfect 2-photon microscope for a multi user environment.

  2. deliver deepest penetration depth and be prepared for OPO technology.

  3. be upgradeable to LaVision BioTec’s 64 beam-splitting technology.

User Friendliness and Automated Beam Alignment

The TriM Scope II is the first commercial 2-photon microscope that can be adjusted by software, as the laser beam is guided by optional piezo driven mirrors and its position is monitored by photo diodes. Therefore the adjustment process is extremely precise, safe and fast. In combination with the latest generation ImSpector software the user can work on the experiment and does not have to spend time for advanced microscope adjustments. Especially in a multi-user environment the TriM Scope II requests minimum training at maximum sample throughput.

Optimized Excitation Optics

Image Quality and Beam Conditioning

In 2-photon microscopy resolution and penetration depth depends mainly on the focus quality and the pulse length of the exciting Ti:Sa laser radiation. All optical components between the laser and the objective lens are chosen for highest performance towards efficient excitation and setting the industry standard for optical throughput.

Adaptation to Objective Lenses and Focus Depth - Adjustable Beam Diameter

The TriM Scope includes a triple lens telescope that allows the user to adapt the laser beam diameter to the back aperture of the objective lens and to the focus depth. Maximum beam diameter at the back aperture of the objective lens is 24 mm, which allows the use of all new low magnification high NA objective lenses.

Objective lenses

Focus quality and, as a consequence, resolution depends mainly on the objective lens that has to be optimized for the final application. To deliver best flexibility the TriM Scope can be combined with most lenses of the mayor suppliers (Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss). Any objective can only be as good as the laser beam quality. To provide best quality the TriM Scope only utilizes optical components that are optimized for fs infrared pulses without damaging the wave front of the exciting laser radiation.

Optimized Pulse Length - Pre Chirp Compensation

The image brightness in 2 photon microscopy scales directly with the invertedpulse length. The TriM Scope utilizes a prism based pre chirp compensator to keep the laser pulse length < 150 fs in the object plane.


The TriM Scope supports up to 8 non descanned PMT detectors.

  • Up to 2 NDD detectors can be in transmission

  • Up to 4 NDD detectors can be close to the objective

  • Up to 4 detectors can be above the fluorescence arm

The chosen NDD detector can be a cooled generation III GaAsP PMT or an APD detector that delivers more than 40% quantum efficiency.

OPO Technology – Excitation of red dyes and proteins

Imaging red dyes is very limited with classical Ti:Sa lasers as the optimal excitation wavelength is in the range of 1125 to 1250 nm, which is not covered by the tuningrage of Ti:Sa lasers. OPO technology overcomes the problem as it delivers tunable fs laser pulses in the range >1100 nm.

FRAP, Uncaging and Photo Activation

LaVision BioTec innovative ImSpector Pro software and the TriM Scope hardware support advanced scan modes and allow the user to switch instantaneously between different scan areas. For this reason the TriM Scope is the perfect tool for actual applications like photo activation, uncaging and FRAP.


  • Motorized triple lens telescope for adapting the laser beam to the objective lens and penetration depth1, 2, 4, ...., 64 foci arranged in a line

  • Photo diodes for software assisted beam alignment

  • Suitable for wavelengths between 710nm .... 980nm

  • Optical throughput within the TriMScope >70%

  • Two axis galvano scanner

  • Scan rate up to 1.2kHz with non resonant scanner

  • Frame rate 31Hz @ 1004x1002 pixel in 64 beam and EM-CCD camera

The TriM Scope II can be combined with:

  • Prism based Chirp compensator for maximum excitation and sensitivity - pulslength ~120 fs at the sample

  • Piezo driven beam delivery mirrors for automated alignment

  • Most scientific upright microscopes (e.g. Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss)

  • Various CCD cameras (single or dual camera detection) that deliver highest frame rates, low noise at maximum quantum efficiency

  • EOM for FRAP, Photo-Activation or Uncaging capabilites

  • Optional FRAP, Photo-Activation or Uncaging kits for fast change of scan area

  • Up to 8 NDD PMT-detectors for full flexibility in standard single beam operation

  • Up to 2 transmission NDD detectors for  «SHG imaging» or improved collection efficiency

  • Fast filter wheels and imaging spectrometers for spectral detection

  • The TCSPC detector for «FLIM -Fluorescence Life Time Microscopy» imaging

  • LaVision BioTec’s patented beam splitter for alternative simultaneous 64-beam imaging

  • OPO kit for simultaneous OPO and Ti:Sa scanning

Download Trim Scope II Datasheet