abberior LIVE ORANGE mito is a fluorescent probe that specifically stains the cristae in mitochondria. Now, in combination with STED microscopy, these fine mitochondrial components become visible and can be investigate using this organic fluorophore.

Due to the chemical structure of the mito-probe, repeated excitation with light over a long period of time is possible without generating toxic effects. This creates the possibility to observe the movement of mitochondria and their substructures through microscopic imaging. The probe can be combined with other fluorescent probes from our abberior LIVE series. This probe shows bright orange fluorescence, which can be effectively excited with a 561 nm laser. For STED, a depletion wavelength between 750 - 800 nm is recommended. This product contains 1 vial of abberior LIVE ORANGE mito as lyophilized powder, a stock solution of 1 mM in DMF or DMSO is recommended. Depending on cell type or tissue a working solution of 100 nM to 500 nM is advised.


  • Absorption 586
  • Extinction Coefficient 115000
  • Emission 606
  • Quantum Efficiency 0.25
  • STED min. 750
  • STED max. 800
  • Fluorescence Lifetime 0.8
  • Correction Factor 260 0.26
  • Correction Factor 280 0.12
  • Charge 1
  • Molecular Weight 891
  • Derivative/Conjugate mitochondria
  • Photophysical properties were measured in acetonitrile.

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