The Abberior Instruments STEDYCON upgrades your existing widefield system to a confocal microscope and STED nanoscope with a resolution down to 30 nm. All that’s required is a free camera port and a good objective lens. With its super-intuitive user interface, the STEDYCON provides an intelligent microscope platform that enables everyone to acquire superb superresolution images after only minutes of training. Define your experiment and enjoy fine imaging at the push of a button!


Confocal image

STED image

Images: Two proteins in the Golgi apparatus were immunolabelled using primary antibodies specific for GM130 and Giantin and secondary antibodies coupled to Abberior STAR 580 and Abberior STAR 635P. Shown is RAW DATA. Images were acquired using a STEDYCON attached to a Zeiss Axio Imager Z2.

Stedycon: Super small and super stable

The incredibly compact STEDYCON has the size of a shoebox, yet it is a full-fledged confocal and STED microscope. It fits on every microscope frame with a camera port. Get in touch with us to upgrade your system!

The STEDYCON is service and maintenance-free: The laser beams are aligned by design. So, there is no need to align the system, ever, and it works reliably every day.

Stedycon: Extremely use friendly

Save your time with the STEDYCON software: only minutes of training are required to acquire STED and confocal images. Thanks to the powerful dye database behind, only minimal user input is needed, and even with unkown samples, you get with 3 clicks to the first STED image!

Our software is browser-based, so run it from any device, from any platform, from anywhere!

 Stedyfocus: In focus, forever

The STEADYFOCUS laser runs side-by side with the imaging beam path. No dichroics are required and there is absolutely no interference with imaging.

The autofocus laser is coupled into the beam path using a dichroic mirror, which interferes with imaging.

Our STEADYFOCUS keeps the focus position stable. Forever. During STED imaging, when browsing through the sample, or for hours of time-lapse imaging, there is no need for refocussing, the STEADYFOCUS does the work for you. And everything you need for it is integrated inside the STEDYCON head, so it works on upright microscopes, too!

Multipositioning: Let our Stedycon do the work 

Discover your whole sample, and then take your time to define your experiment – at which position would you like to acquire a z-stack, or a single image, or a tiled scan? Then let the microscope do the imaging for you. Increase your working efficiency, let it run over night, or already prepare your next experiment! It saves time and endless clicks …

More information available here.