Ideal imaging conditions, even in turbid samples like tissue, are every microscopist’s dream. However, specimens are often inhomogeneous, and, what’s more, embedding and immersion media are hardly ever perfectly index-matched. Refractive-index mismatches compromise the focusing capabilities of your microscope and can give rise to low-resolution and poor-quality images.

abberior’s RAYSHAPE dynamic aberration correction solves this problem. Using adaptive optics with a deformable mirror, it puts diverted rays back on track, guaranteeing bright and crisp images from top to bottom and regardless of embedding medium, immersion medium, or specimen. Correction happens dynamically on-the-fly and leaves nothing to desire for your results.

  • Up to five times higher signal in thick sample sections
  • Superior resolution with STED
  • Often the enabler for 3D-STED imaging
  • Automatic tracking of spherical aberrations
  • Correction of higher order aberrations (astigmatism, coma, trefoil, …)

Hello Rayshape. Bye-bye z-aberrations. 

The deeper you dive into the sample, the more severe the aberrations become, and the more you have to correct. In order to achieve zero aberrations throughout the sample, you therefore need to permanently adjust the amount of correction as focus depth changes.

Deformable mirrors are adaptive elements with a flexible reflective surface. 140 digitally controlled actuators adjust the mirror’s surface within milliseconds, making RAYSHAPE exceptionally precise and allowing fast z-scans with continuous adjustment of the correction to compensate for aberrations at every depth.

With RAYSHAPE, you are not forced to choose a limited region of correction while the rest of the image stays blurred, as is the case for even motorized correction collar objectives. Once adjusted to the sample, RAYSHAPE automatically follows the focus as it moves through the specimen and dynamically corrects aberrations at different depths. The focus is kept stable and image acquisition runs completely autonomously for bright, high-resolution images even very deep in the sample.

Tissue imaging has never felt better than with RAYSHAPE.

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