Ocean Optics Jaz

The World's Coolest Modular Measuring Suite
Talk about innovation in optical sensing! Jaz is like nothing you’ve ever seen before -- a community of stackable, modular and autonomous components that combine to create a family of smart sensing instruments. Jaz is unfettered by the limits of traditional optical sensing instrumentation: a powerful microprocessor and onboard display eliminate the need for a PC; stackable, autonomous instrument modules allow you to customize the system to your changing application needs; and Ethernet connectivity plus an SD card for data storage make remote operation a snap!

Under the Hood

Jaz-2 Spectrometer Module

-          Replaceable slits and gratings take spectrometer design to a new level

-          Though the crossed Czerny-Turner optical bench design may be familiar, the rest of the bench is anything but conventional. For maximum flexibility, gratings and external slits are designed to be easily switched out by qualified users.


Jaz-DPU OLED Display Module

-          Powerful onboard microprocessors eliminate the need for a PC while the OLED display offers clear, vivid viewing.

-          The Jaz OLED module is the user interface. Its powerful microprocessor is the “director” harmonizing the interaction among the modules. The Jaz OLED module handles data processing and logging, distributed computing and user interface functions in the display.


Jaz-EM Ethernet and Memory Module

-          Ethernet supplies system power, makes remote access possible and provides memory and other functions.

-          Our 100 Mb/S Ethernet connection is a “single-cable solution” that powers the system and enables remote access by any computer on the network. Communication can take place among modules that are plugged in anywhere on the World Wide Web. The module also includes an SD card slot for data storage.


Jaz-MB Battery and External Memory Module

-          Rechargeable battery and data storage functions take the hassle of external power supplies and PC handling out of field work.

-          Lithium-Ion battery is rechargeable from the main board via Ethernet, USB or external power supply and allows autonomous data collection with power-conserving sleep mode for long-term measurements. This module also has two SD card slots for memory and other functions.


Jaz Light Source Modules

-          Jaz-L450: 450 nm LED module

-          Jaz-UV-VIS: UV-VIS light source module


The Round Up

-          System power consumption is a modest ~2.5 W

-          Use Ethernet to transfer data to PC

-          Jaz is RoHS compliant

-          Jaz uses IP communications protocol; proprietary interface allows communications with stack and/or the backplane.