Semrock Inc: Quality, Hard-coated, Fluorescence, Raman and Laser Filters

Hundreds of Thousands of Ion Beam Sputtered Filters Delivered
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Semrock manufactures the highest performance and reliability optical filters available for Biotech & Analytical Instrumentation. All Semrock filters are manufactured with the advanced Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) process – already regarded as the premier optical coating technology, and taken to the next level by Semrock.

Our fluorescence, Raman and laser filters have amazing performance, and all Semrock filters are hard coated (absolutely no exceptions) ensuring that they do not shift or degrade under prolonged exposure to humidity. Further, our filters do not burn out under the intense light sources commonly used in fluorescence applications.

We reproducibly manufacture our IBS filters in volume – permitting OEM customers to have a dependable supply, and catalog customers to order direct from our extensive and unparalleled stock of innovative products.

Our quality products have been widely incorporated by the world’s major biotech and analytical instrumentation makers. Numerous patents (with more pending) attest to our originality, and our exciting products have been recognized with prestigious industry awards. Read what Invitrogen's Molecular Probes™ has to say about BrightLine filters.