PhotoSonus M+ is Ekspla's tunable wavelength laser system, developed specifically for photoacoustic imaging applications. System features output parameters (like pulse energy) are optimized for highest imaging depth and resolution. In a recent article, published in "Review of Scientific Instruments”, main system features are being unveiled and how these translate into benefits for researchers looking for a new ways to fight cancer and other diseases.

Photoacoustic imaging is one of the fastest growing research areas of non-invasive, high-resolution and high-contrast visualization of both superficial as well as deep tissues. This method has a number of advantages, over widely used conventional research and diagnostic methods as it does not use hazardous irradiation like X-rays and has a significantly higher imaging resolution than conventional ultrasound. More information about photo-acoustics and it’s benefits can be found in success story section

Article can be viewed by following this link.

More details on Ekspla's Photosonus here

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