High resolution, low noise, Deep cooled, digital SWIR camera

 has launched the Ninox 640 SU, a vacuum cooled InGaAs based camera with 640×512 sensor with a 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch for the highest spatial resolution. The Ninox 640SU is vacuum cooled to -80°C for ultra-long exposures of up to 5 minutes. Its ultra-low dark current and read-noise result in the best “scientific” SWIR camera on the market today. It is the perfect camera for staring applications in SWIR wavelengths (from 900nm – 1700nm) including NIR-II In-Vivo Imaging, Fluorescence Imaging and Astronomy.

Raptor Photonics continues to push the boundaries in scientific SWIR imaging with the launch of the Ninox 640 SU, a vacuum cooled to -80°C InGaAs camera, offering ultra-low dark current for longer exposure times up to 5 minutes. Combining a low read noise of <56e- in high gain and a dark current reading of <300e/p/s at -80°C, the Ninox Ultra is one of the most sensitive SWIR cameras available on the market and perfect for imaging weak signals using longer exposure times. It offers a resolution of 640×512 and has a 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch. The camera also offers a high intra-scene dynamic range of 56dB in high gain, enabling simultaneous capture of bright and dark portions of a scene. The Ninox 640 SU follows on from the launch of the Ninox 640 and Ninox 1280 cameras, which have attracted a lot of interest in applications including astronomy and in-vivo imaging. 

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Download detailed specification sheet here.

Download Raptor Photonics Whitepaper: High Performance SWIR Imaging Cameras

Key Features and Benefits

The best performing SWIR camera in the World!

  • Vacuum cooled to -80°C Enables ultra-long exposure times
  • Ultra-low dark current and read-noise Resulting in the highest sensitivity SWIR camera on the market
  • 15µm x 15µm pixel pitch Enables highest spatial resolution
  • PentaVac Vacuum Technology Guaranteed protection and integrity of sensor


  • Resolution: 640 x 512
  • Frame Rate: Up to 100Hz
  • Camera Link: 16 bit
  • Wavelength Range: SWIR
  • Dark Current: ​​​<300 e/p/s