Thorlabs' Portable Raman Spectrometers incorporate their innovative Coded-Aperture (CODA) Technology, giving them each a sampling area of approximately Ø2 mm. This makes them ideal for investigating inhomogeneous samples since the measurement is averaged over this area. CODA technology also enables the use of low laser power density at the sample and a high signal-to-noise ratio (700:1). 

The RASP1 spectrometer incorporates a 785 nm laser to analyze the chemical structure in the fingerprint region (500 to 1800 cm-1), while the dual-laser RASP2 spectrometer analyzes both the fingerprint (500 to 1800 cm-1) and high frequency regions (2600 to 3700 cm-1).

In comparison to traditional slit spectrographs, these spectrometers average Raman photons from a larger sampling volume, making them ideal for analyzing complex mixtures. The measured spectra are combinations of the emission spectra (fluorescence, Raman, etc.) of all molecules in the sample volume. By evaluating linear combinations of up to four spectra from a pre-recorded database and varying the ratio between them, the measured spectra are approximated to determine a likely composition of the sample. Users can use the software and spectrometer to create their own substance libraries in minutes. The laser wavelength(s) are calibrated using the included RPC polystyrene chip, and spectrograph performance is verified using an internal neon lamp.

The RASPA1 Sample Accessory Kit is available separately and includes assorted fused silica or synthetic quartz glass sample containers and holders that align the samples for optimal Raman scattering and detection. The container holder, cuvette holder, and powdered sample funnel included with the kit are made of robust polyamide PA 2241 FR. Additional sample containers are also available separately.

  • Portable, Automatic Raman Shift Measurements & Analysis
  • 785 nm Excitation Laser for Fingerprint Region
  • Includes Database of Common Chemicals
  • Built-In Automatic Calibration


  • Portable Raman Spectrometers
  • Ø2.0 mm Beam Diameter Enables Large-Field-of-View for Inhomogeneous Samples
  • Internal Laser(s) for Fingerprint Region and High Frequency Region
  • RASP1 Spectrometer: Fingerprint Region (500 to 1800 cm-1)
  • RASP2 Spectrometer: Fingerprint Region and High Frequency Region (2600 to 3700 cm-1)
  • Large 2.3 mm x 3.2 mm Coded-Aperture Input (See Coded Aperture Tab for Details)
  • Factory-Calibrated Intensity Using NIST Standard; Polystyrene Chip and Internal Neon Lamp for Wavelength/Wavenumber Calibration
  • Record and Analyze Spectra with ThorRaman Software (See Software Tab)
  • Sample Composition Analysis Performed Automatically Against Up to Four Substances
  • Example Substance Library Included
  • Supports Easy Creation of Custom Libraries
  • RASPA1 Accessory Kit (Available Separately) Includes Sample Containers and Positioners for Optimal Raman Scattering


  • Identification of Unknown Substances
  • Analysis of Chemical Composition
  • Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals, Food, Etc.
  • Periodic Monitoring of Chemical Processes at Production Sites

The ThorRaman Software is used to record Raman spectra and analyze them against libraries of sample molecules; samples can be analyzed for up to four constituent molecules at a time. An example library is included and custom libraries can be created using the software. The substances in the example library include thorough documentation such as acquisition parameters and date of last system calibration. Baseline subtraction and acquisition parameters like exposure time (typically 1 to 20 s) are automated by the software for ease of use. For more information on the Raman software suite, please see the Software tab.


Container Holder and 5 mL Vial from the RASPA1 Accessory Kit Shown in RASP2 Spectrometer's Sample Compartment

Spectral analysis shows the assignment of the measured peaks to the components of the selected library. Samples can be analyzed for up to four constituent substances.