Finder Vista Series multifunction confocal Raman microscopy system, based on new designed confocal microscopy techniques, with the ultra-low noise CCD camera latest advanced for Raman detection, highresolution spectrometer, attaining superior user friendliness and sensitivity.

Finder Vista series is the highest scalability micro spectroscopy system currently commercialized. It can be expanded into the workstation with functions such as PL spectra, fluorescence lifetime, high/low temperature spectra measurements etc. It is your best choice for scientific research!

Characteristics of Finder Vista

  • High sensitivity: optical system transmittance >50%, latest advanced ultra-low noise scientific CCD detector
  •  Multiple samples applicable: switchable micro- and macro- optical layouts
  • High repeatability: steady and firm optical structure, automatic machine with integrated design, light switching under software control, no necessity for recollimating after switch.
  • Modular design: functional upgrades are modular, meeting the needs of various research aspects and follow-up system upgrades
  • Easy operating: Software window operation interface, easy to use

    Finder Vista Configuration
Finder Vista  
Spectral Range 60-5,000cm-1
Resolution ≤0.9cm-1 (@585.25nm)
Laser Options Standard: 532nm ( ≥100mW,TEM00) Options: 266nm, 325nm, 633nm, 785nm etc.
Spatial Resolution Horizontal<1um, Vertical<2um
Microscopy Upright Microscopy
Detector TE air-cooled CCD (LDC-DD)
Effective Pixel 2000×256
Pixel Size 15×15μm
Quantum Efficiency 95%@780nm
Dimension 1090x990x480mm

Note: Above specification are 532nm laser, the specification will be different according to different laser wavelength.