Lastek offers one of the most comprehensive selection of Raman spectrometers and other instrumentation for Raman spectroscopy in Australia, backed by the most experienced team of laser spectroscopists and optical engineers. Read more...

Our range of products includes spectrometers from leading manufacturers Ocean InsightNanobase, Zolix, Nanonics and IS Instruments, together with instruments, sources and optics for Raman spectroscopy from Thorlabs, Laser Quantum, and more. With 5 PhDs on staff, and extensive capabilities in optical design and custom systems, Lastek is the ideal partner for your Raman spectroscopy application. Please explore our website for full details of systems which we offer. We also invite you to contact Dr Zhen Fang-Gong at Lastek to discuss in detail your Raman spectroscopy project. 

Ocean Insight: Ocean Insight offers modular systems, bundled setups, and custom solutions for Raman analysis of solids, liquids and gases.

Nanobase: Nanobase offers four main types of Raman spectroscopy instruments:




IS Instruments

Raman Kits and Laser Sources: