This is our best selling micro Raman instrument. The Nanobase XperRAM S Series is built with a versatile set of transmission spectrometer and high performance detector that provides a high peak efficiency for a wide range of wavelengths covering 405, 532, 633, and 785 nm (1064 nm also available through customization).

Not only that, XperRAM S Series also offers the widest scanning experience in the market with 200 µm x 200 µm scanning area on 40X objective.

The modular concept of the product enables easy customization such as system modification and system integration with other instruments.

Download 2022 Nanobase Raman Spectroscopy Imaging/Analysis Instruments Brochure here.

What XperRAM S Series can do for you

  • Raman spectrum acquisition
  • Raman map image acquisition
  • Photoluminescence (PL) data acquisition
  • Electroluminescence (EL) data acquisition

There is a broad range of applications where you can utilize data of Raman, PL, and EL - from battery research to 2D material evaluation to pharmaceutical quality control. 

Why XperRAM S Series can step up your Raman game

High Raman peak efficiency = Precise Raman data

Not like most Raman manufacturers, we have adopted transmission grating in a Raman spectrometer to boost efficiency to over 90%.

The spectrometer for XperRAM S Series (XPE200) coupled with an OEM CCD by ANDOR is also designed for a high efficiency.

Wider and faster laser scanning

Our realization of wide, fast laser scanning capability using a single Galvo mirror maximizes even our scanning efficiency and helps you see a bigger picture of your Raman data.

Why laser scanning?


It reduces production cost yet maintains excellent performance.

Easy customization & System flexibility

XperRAM S Series is a flexible modular system that is convenient for both beginners to experienced power users.

The system flexibility of XperRAM S Series is the reason why we can make your Raman dreams come true. For a complete Raman customization guide, check this out.

What XperRAM S Series is made of

Microscope:  Upright microscope or inverted microscope


- Default : 40X
- Optional : 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, Long WD 40X

System platform

- Main body of the instrument

Spectrometer (XPE 200)

- f/5 input aperture ratio
- 200 mm focal length
- Grating options : 300 lpmm, 600 lpmm, 1200 lpmm, 1800 lpmm, 2400 lpmm

Laser scanning module

- If scanning not required, replaced by point measuring module


- 2000 x 256 active pixels
- 15 µm x 15 µm pixel size
- Back-illuminated, deep-deletion with anti-fringing

Raman lasers and filter sets

- Optional : 405 nm, 532 nm, LF 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, 1064 nm (via customization)

NanoSpectrum software suite

- Spectrum data export format : .txt., .csv
- Mapping data export format : .spm, .csv
- Optional : Raman library and data identification software (to be launched soon)


  • ​Confocal/3D Raman imaging and analysis
  • Fast 2D scanning
  • Bright field microscopic imaging
  • Up to three laser/filter selections
  • Interchangeable and rotatable VPH grating selections
  • Photoluminescence (PL)
  • Electroluminescence (EL)


  • Scanner module
  • Microscope
  • Raman body
  • Spectrometer
  • Laser/filter set
  • NanoSpectrum analysis software


  • Material science
  • Life science
  • Pharmaceuticals / cosmetics
  • Semiconductors
  • Geology
  • Carbon materials