The Zolix FI-FO Portable Raman Analyzer is a high performance Raman Spectrometer suitable for portable transportation.It can be applied to on-site rapid inspection and laboratory research. The whole machine adopts strong protective packaging design, which is convenient and practical.FI-FO series with multiple wavelengths like 785, 830 & 1064nm as options.

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FI-FO has extensive applications such as food and drug safety, drug testing, dangerous chemicals testing,pharmaceutical engineering, pharmaceutical process (PAT), etc. Drug raw materials and accessories detection, jewelry identification, cultural relics identification, material evidence identification and many other applications.

Features & Benefits
• Portable products with laboratory instrument performance

• Integrative design of the whole machine without additional accessories
• Flexible Raman Fiber Probe, Convenient and Practical
• 10"Large Capacitance Touch Screen
• Interactive human-computer interface,easy to operate
• Build-in library to achieve fast comparison
• Windows & Android versions are optional
• Battery lifetime is more than 4 hours for portable application


• SERS(Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)
• Food & Pharmaceutical Fast Inspection
• Pharmaceutical-Raw Materia Detection
• Identification of Art and Jewellery
• Anti-Counterfeiting
• Mineral Composition Detection
• Forensics
• Agriculture & Environmental Science
• Chemistry and Materials Science
• Custom & OEM Applications

Part Number
Laser Wavelength 785nm  830nm   1064nm
Laser Power 0-500mW
Laser Linewidth <0.1nm
Spectral Range 200-2750cm -1 200-2750cm -1 200-2500cm -1 200-2500cm -1 200-2000cm -1
Optical Resolution 8-10cm -1 8-10cm -1 10-12cm -1 10-12cm -1 20-30cm -1
Detector Type Back Illuminated CCD Cooling CCD Back Illuminated CCD Cooling CCD Cooling IGA PDA
Operation System A: Android 7.1 W: Windows 10
Software Android/ Windows: Raman Spectrum Software app
External Power DC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AC: 100-240V,50/60A,1.7A
Built-in Battery 10200mAh,75Wh
Dimensions 430*130*120mm 

Windows Raman Spectrum Software

 Android Raman Spectrum Software

Test Cases of Portable Raman Analyzer with Fiber Probe 
Pharmaceutical: Evening primrose oil


 Food Field:Acid orange