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An Open Aperture for Lasers or Mechanics

A piezosystem jena ring actuator is similar to a 1-axis stack actuator, except that has a center aperture for light or instruments to pass through. These are often used in microscopy, laser or other photonic applications.

Piezo-electric ring actuators consists of a large number of contacted ceramic rings. Based on this design they provide a 9 mm or 14 mm open aperture.

Ring actuators are available with housing, series RA, and without housing, series R. The R series of actuators are not pre-loaded. For dynamic applications those Actuator have to be pre-loaded. The RA series of actuators are internally pre loaded by a mechanical spring making them ideal for dynamic applications.

High power hpower ring actuators are available.

A closed loop version equipped with strain gauge sensors is available as well.


Ring actuators are capable of generating large forces and can be easily integrated in experimental set-ups and machines. Due to their high natural frequency ring actuators are perfectly suitable for many scanning applications.

RA actuators with housing are always delivered with a mirror holder.

hpower actuators are high power, high force.

Ring Characteristics:

  • Motion up to 130 µm
  • Open aperture diameter 9 mm to 14 mm
  • Sub nm resolution
  • Blocking force up to 20,000 N
  • µsec response time
  • Flexible epoxy insulation
hpower Rings Series RA Series R
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