Ocean Optics

Ocean Insight: New Spectroscopy Kits provide users with versatile tools for understanding absorbance, reflectance, and other techniques
Ocean Optics Unveils New Logo
Ocean and Lastek Special Launch Offer: Receive 20% discount on purchase of new Ocean SR and HR Series Spectrometers until March 31
Ocean HR4 Series Spectrometers: rapid acquisition, low stray light and great thermal stability
Ocean SR6 Series Spectrometers: quality performance in a small bench with a high thermal wavelength stability
Ocean SR4 series high performance spectrometers: high-speed spectral acquisition, high resolution and excellent signal-to-noise ratio in a single package
Ocean Insight Announces Corporate Rebranding: Changes include revival of Ocean Optics name for company’s signature spectrometer products
Ocean Insight new Podcast: Metal Recycling: Insights from the Experts
Ocean Insight SpeedSorter™ LIBS Sorting Sensor: An industrial sensing system for in-line, nonferrous scrap sorting
Ocean Insight launch Ocean HR2 High Resolution Spectrometer
Ocean Insight: Ocean Direct Software Development Kit
Ocean Insight: Watch New Ocean ST Spectrometer Video
Ocean Insight ST Miniature Spectrometers: Enhanced spectral performance in an ultra-compact footprint
Lastek special offer on Ocean Insight QE Pro and NIRQuest spectrometers: free laptop and OceanView software
Ocean Insight SR Series Miniature Spectrometer offers high-speed spectral acquisition with advanced signal-to-noise performance (and free software*)
Ocean Insight QE Pro Raman Series High Performance Spectrometer
Ocean Insight Raman Spectrometer Bundle
Ocean Insight: WaveGo Handheld Light Measurement
Ocean Insight: New Laptop with your next Spectrometer order
Ocean Insight Spectrometer Comparison

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