Thorlabs manufactures a wide range of solid breadboards, honeycomb breadboards, workstations, and optical tables. Thorlabs’ Nexus™ optical tables and breadboards are available with or without tapped mounting holes. Table and breadboard offering rigid, passive, or active vibration damping options are available. Additionally, our ScienceDesk™ breadboard frames offer an ergonomic workstation optimized for microscopy. Various accessories are also offered, allowing for a customized work environment. 

Stiffness: Tabletop's capability to resist bending to an applied force or load, reducing the deflection between two components on the table top's surface.

Damping: Tabletop's ability to dissipate energy from an induced vibration on the table top's surface, reducing its magintude and duration.

Thorlabs extensive Nexus™ optical tables product line features all-steel construction, excellent thermal stability, and damping optimized for each table size. The 5 mm thick stainless steel top and bottom skins have a precision-machined matte finish, and the mounting holes have a 1/2" (12.5 mm) border at the edge of the table. 

210mm thick

310mm thick

210mm thick, sealed holes

310mm thick, sealed holes

304L Non-Magnetic Steel

Optical Table and Leg Kits

Custom Optical Tables

Optical Tables Tutorial: Vibration Isolation