sliding short circuit

The Sairem sliding short circuit PCC MAN 130 PTV 2450 340 can be used in tuning applications for the adjustment of the resonance frequency of a monomode cavity; the sliding short circuit can be also used in connection with a hybrid T for the tuning of microwave applicators at high power. The tuner consists of a waveguide W340 with standard WR340 flange at one end and a short circuit (sliding cup) that can be moved inside the guide; there is a handle to help the movement of the sliding short circuit as well as a blocking screw to fix it in position once the tuning is achieved. The plunger allows quick adjustment while fine tuning can be achieved via a tuning screw. The position of the short circuit can be read on the visual (graduated in millimetres) display situated on the superior part of the waveguide.

This display is made out of a transparent material that allows a good seal of the waveguide in order to protect its functionality & integrity (stops dust and other objects fall inside the waveguide) .The short circuit features SAIREM’s innovative /4 without contact.

Download pdf datasheet here.

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