downstream plasma source WR340

This surface wave type of plasma source generates plasma in a dielectric material tube placed in a standard Sairem WR340 waveguide. This plasma source enables the ignition and sustaining of long plasma columns depending on the pressure, the microwave power and the gas nature. The Downstream plasma source is ideal for working at pressures between 10-1mbar and a few tens of mbar with dielectric tubes diameters between 30 and 50 mm; it can equally work at atmospheric pressure.

The Sairem Downstream plasma source WR340 is designed to be used in R&D laboratories and industry for a very large range of applications. Typical applications of such source are creation of radicals, surface activation, PECVD (dielectric materials, diamond...), gas abatement, gasification, sterilization, etching...

The Downstream plasma source could be used with an alumina tube but other low loss, high temperature resistant dielectric materials such as quartz, PyrexTM or boron nitride could be used. Inlet and outlet chimneys were designed to sustain and centre the dielectric tube. Moreover, in order to extend the operating conditions in the atmospheric pressure range and/or in the high power range, the dielectric tube can be air cooled and the downstream source can be water cooled.

Download pdf datasheet here.

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