surfaguide plasma source WR340

The Sairem Surfaguide is a waveguide-based electromagnetic-surface-wave launcher that allows sustaining long plasma columns using microwaves. The plasma is ignited and sustained in a dielectric tube that crosses a rectangular tapered WR340 waveguide. The reduction of the height of the WR340 waveguide allows to sustaining the plasma by increasing locally the microwave electric field, feature particularly important when working at atmospheric pressure and for external tube diameter that does not exceed 20 mm.

The Surfaguide is ideal for working in the atmospheric pressure range with dielectric tubes diameters between 10 and 20 mm and could equally work in the mbar range and down to a few 10 -2 mbar.

The Surfaguide is designed to be used equally in R&D laboratories and industry for a very large range of applications. Typical applications of such source are atmospheric high temperature chemistry, nanopowder synthesis, surface activation, gas abatement, gasification, sterilization...

The Surfaguide could be used alumina tubes but other low loss, high temperature resistant dielectric materials could be used such as quartz, PyrexTM or boron nitride. Inlet and outlet chimneys are designed to sustain and centre the dielectric tube. Moreover, in order to extend the operating conditions in the atmospheric pressure range and in the high power range, the dielectric tube has an air cooling possibility and the Surfaguide, water cooling.

Download pdf datasheet here.

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