LaVision Biotec TrimScope 2-Photon Realtime Microscope

La Vision BioTec’s innovative approach to 2-photon microscopy is unique. While LaVision BioTec’s optics engineers designed the TriM Scope they had the following mission:

“Design the perfect 2-photon microscope delivering maximum frame rate and deepest penetration at lowest possible sample damage!”

To deliver these results the TriM Scope utilizes a unique imaging setup that scans the specimen with 64 beams simultaneously. First, 64 beams deliver 64 times more fluorescence light keeping the intensities in individual beams – and so the damage – low. Next, more fluorescence light allows higher frame rates. Finally, CCD cameras deliver much better sensitivity than PMTs.

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LaVision Biotec TrimScope II: Second Generation, Self-aligning 2-Photon Microscope

The LaVision Biotec TriM Scope II multi photon-box represents the second generation of two photon microscopes and is designed for fast and deep imaging in a multi-user environment. It always comes as a single beam instrument including upright stand and 2 NDD detectors close to the objective lens. As an option it can include:

LaVision BioTec’s patented beam splitting optics for simultaneous 64 beam scanning

  • up to 8 NDD detectors
  • various CCD cameras
  • LaVision BioTec’s fast TCSPC detector
  • descanned detectors for Confocal detection
  • pre-chirp compensation
  • OPO technology

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