Abberior Instruments introduce FLIM upgrade for STED microscopes

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Abberior Instruments STED microscope now available with full Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging (FLIM) functionality!

The new Abberior Instruments comprehensive FLIM package upgrade offers the following key features:

  • STED FLIM imaging in combination with our pulsed STED lasers
  • Online display of STED FLIM images during the measurement
  • Online lifetime calculation and/or dye separation based on lifetime data
  • Simultaneous FLIM acquisition in up to 4 spectral channels (based on Becker & Hickl SPCM hardware)
  • Full software integration into Imspector including evaluation functionality (also live evaluation of data)

Continue below to see a selection of images generated using the Abberior STED FLIM technique.

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Becker & Hickl and Abberior Combination Records STED FLIM at Megapixel Resolution

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The combination of the Abberior Instruments STED system with the Becker & Hickl Simple-Tau 150/154 TCSPC FLIM system records FLIM data at a spatial resolution of better than 40 nm. The image format can be as large as 2048 x 2048 pixels, with 256 time channels per pixel. An image area of 40 x 40 micrometers can thus be covered with 20 nm pixel size, fully satisfying the Nyquist criterion. The system benefits from Windows 64 bit technology used both in the Abberior and in the bh data acquisition software, from the combined processing power of the two system computers, and the high data throughput of up to four parallel TCSPC FLIM channels. The system achieves peak count rates in excess of 5 MHz per FLIM channel, resulting in unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio and short acquisition time.

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