Aberrations are a seemingly everlasting nuisance in light microscopy. But only until you start using abberior's RAYSHAPE dynamic aberration correction - for crisp and crystal clear images from top to bottom!

In our upcoming webinar you will learn how RAYSHAPE uses a deformable mirror to dynamically eliminate aberrations even deep in the sample. As guest speaker we are happy to welcome Jan Maximilian Janssen, group leader in the lab of Maren Engelhardt at the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology at JKU Linz, Austria. He will show you how RAYSHAPE helps him to acquire aberration-free images in thick human brain tissue. Maximilian's talk will be complemented by the introduction of our application specialist Bastian Klußmann-Fricke into the principle and the capabilities of RAYSHAPE. 

Thu, Jun 20, 2024 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM CEST

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Ideal imaging conditions, even in turbid samples like tissue, are every microscopist’s dream. However, specimens are often inhomogeneous, and, what’s more, embedding and immersion media are hardly ever perfectly index-matched. Refractive-index mismatches compromise the focusing capabilities of your microscope and can give rise to low-resolution and poor-quality images.

abberior’s RAYSHAPE dynamic aberration correction solves this problem. Using adaptive optics with a deformable mirror, it puts diverted rays back on track, guaranteeing bright and crisp images from top to bottom and regardless of embedding medium, immersion medium, or specimen. Correction happens dynamically on-the-fly and leaves nothing to desire for your results.