Sample: keratin19 (rsCherryRev1.4, red) and vimentin (Dronpa-M159T, green)
Resolution RESOLFT < 80 nm  

One-color superresolution green RESOLFT point scanning system for switchable GFPs

  • Multicolor confocal system with variable pinhole size
  • Accessible optomechanical design, open electronics and software platform, ready to implement your own imaging ideas
  • Zero-compromize on performance - get the best resolution performance possible in RESOLFT microscopy
  • QUAD beam scanner technology
  • We also offer unrivaled flexibility in customizing the microscope to your applications.

We install your turn-key RESOLFT scanning nanoscope in your lab including software/handling training.

Abberior Specifications

  • Multicolor widefield imaging system 
  • Two super-resolution parallel RESOLFT imaging channels with two independent sCMOS camera detection
  • Typical resolution < 90nm when imaging keratin with switchable GFP expressed by PtK2 cells or artificial beads filled with a switchable GFP variant.
  • Kit with all optical and mechanical components for assembly of a 2-color parallel RESOLFT system onto an Olympus IX83 microscope (or other stand on request)
  • IX83 Olympus microscope with a 4-color LED illumination source and a monochrome widefield camera
  • Suitable for imaging of living cells
  • Continuous-wave laser sources at 405nm, 488nm and 592 nm incl. fibercoupling
  • Two fast sCMOS cameras
  • Data acquisition system and software for image acquisition for different imaging modes (including 2-color parallel RESOLFT mode)
  • Software for data analysis (e.g. deconvolution algorithms etc.)


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