Two-color superresolution STED microscope with a pulsed STED laser @ 775 nm

  • Multicolor confocal scanning system with variable pinhole size
  • Detector gating with up to 4 gates
  • Accessible optomechanical design, open electronics and software platform, ready to implement your own imaging ideas
  • Zero-compromize on performance - get the best resolution performance possible in STED microscopy
  • QUAD beam scanner technology
  • We offer unrivaled flexibility in customizing the microscope to your applications

We install Your turn-key 2-color Abberior STED 775 QUAD scanning nanoscope in your lab including software/handling training

Abberior specifications:

  • Pulsed STED laser @ 775nm featuring two super-resolution STED channels
  • Resolution up to 20 nm; typical resolution < 30 nm
  • Two pulsed excitation laser sources @594nm and @640 nm. 594 nm is a proprietary Abberior Instruments pulsed excitation laser
  • Kit with all optical and mechanical components for assembly of a 2-color STED 775nm system onto an Olympus IX83 microscope (or other stand on request)
  • IX83 Olympus microscope with a 4-color LED illumination source and a monochrome widefield camera
  • Abberior QUAD scanner: novel scanner design with 4 galvo mirrors provides 4 degrees of freedom for independent position and angle settings; line frequency up to 2 kHz
  • Abberior Patchpanel: electronic connectors (AO, AI, DIOs) for attaching custom external devices (e.g. laser sources etc.)
  • Suitable for superresolution imaging with fluorescent proteins, e.g. mCherry as well as imaging with organic dyes, e.g. Abberior STAR 600 or STAR 635P
  • Up to 8 time gating channels with <80 ps time resolution
  • Up to 4 pulse-timing channels with <80 ps time resolution
  • Multi-color acquisition method via interleave mode
  •           (i) pulse interleaved and/or
  •           (ii) pixel interleaved and/or
  •           (iii) line-interleaved
  • Data acquisition system and software for image acquisition for different imaging modes (including 2-color STED mode)
  • Software for data analysis (e.g. deconvolution algorithms etc.)


Comprehensive Brochure

STED @ 775nm

Abberior Quad Scanner

Abberior Controlling Platform


Imspector Software platform